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36826. John Daryl Kok

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Teaching level and subjects

Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths

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Gender Male
Age 21 to 25
Date Joined Nov 2018
Occupation Undergrad
Teaching at
Neo Tiew
Bt Batok
Bt Gombak
Choa Chu Kang
Yew Tee

Other Qualifications

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I have tutored 2 students before while studying in Raffles Institution over a course of 2 years.

The first student's Mathematics results improved from a C in Common Test 1 to a B in Common Test 2 (3 months).

I tutored more subjects to the second student and her improvement in results from the first Common Test in Secondary 3 to her GCE 'O' Levels Examinations are as follows

Elementary Mathematics - B3 to A1

Additional Mathematics - B4 to A1

Physics - B3 to A1

Chemistry - A2 to A1

Clinching A1 in the above key subjects during the GCE 'O' Levels Examinations, she managed to achieve a raw score of 6 points in her GCE 'O' Levels Examinations and eventually secured a place to study in Raffles Institution.

The only reason why I stopped tutoring for a short period of time is because of my National Service Commitments.

I usually prepare personal study notes and practice questions for my students.

Time to time, I will set test papers to assess their progress and standing so as to refine my teaching methods to optimise their learning.

Commitment Level

First and foremost, I believe that tutoring involves a tri-partite partnership between parents, the student and the tutor.

Parents need to be supportive of both the student and the tutor and always encourage the student to complete his/her necessary assignments on time.

Student has to take ownership of his/her studies put in his/her best effort and work hard for his/her grades.

With that, I, the tutor, will take up the responsibility of providing students with relevant and useful study materials and practice questions to help the student learn effectively.

It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction to see my tutees excel in their examinations.

That being said, I am highly driven and motivated to go beyond my call of duty to help my tutees achieve their goals.

I am able to commence teaching anytime.

I would prefer to teach at night on weekdays whereas I am also available on Saturday mornings.