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36222. Justin Chua Boon Hun

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Junior College/ A level
General Paper, Maths, Physics, Literature

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Gender Male
Age 26 to 30
Date Joined Jul 2017
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
Teaching at NE,NW,S,W,E,C



Have 7 years of tutoring experience. Testimonials

Ex-student for H2 Math (2016) I was conceptually ok with my maths but was constantly plagued by carelessness and killer questions. Fortunately, he did a more "holistic" approach VS other tutors, and introduced me the heuristics idea of math questions. I completed my prelims and A levels with a solid A.

Ex-student for Physics H1 (2015) He applied to Physics the heuristic approach idea that he used for Math as well, and I must say it really helped turn a C to an A for my Physics!

Ex-student for General Paper (2016) Very interesting approach to GP. What he said about the central importance of learning synonyms as a foundation for GP is quite true. And the use of word games really help boost my memory of words that I can use for the UYOWAFAP (Use Your Own Words As Far As Possible) AND to improve my writing for Paper 1! I got an A for my A levels!

Ex-student for General Paper (2013) I could really use the content he provided for my essays and make them more solid. The links and extensions he made to academic research also provided useful for my uni years.


UNIQUE, HOLISTIC CLASS STRUCTURE (**THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO MATH AND PHYSICS.) I structure my sessions around the following 4 essentials for doing well in any examination (1) Achieve Crystal Clear Conceptual Understanding (2a) The Heuristic Approach To Solving Problems (2b) Killer-Paper Trends How To Overcome Killer Problem

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Timings Available every day from 1pm onwards including weekends. Some slots taken / blocked out already eg Thursday 2pm, Sunday 3pm.

Able to start ASAP and available all the way till end of next year at least as no plans currently to travel, or take up other commitments.

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1 A2 Maths, Physics 8 x 1.5hrs 2 Students $40/hr Submit Request