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35043. Elaine Wijaya Oey

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Teaching level and subjects

Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Physics/Chem
Junior College/ A level
Maths, Physics, Chemistry

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Gender Female
Age 21 to 25
Date Joined Jan 2016
Occupation Part-time Tutor
Teaching at NW,W,C
Bt Timah
King Albert Park
Bt Batok
Bt Gombak
Bt Panjang
Bt Timah
Farrer Rd
Ghim Moh
Bt Timah
Old Turfclub
Orchard Rd
Bt Timah
Stevens Rd
2015 GCE A Prelim (Raffles Institution Junior College)
2013 Integrated Programme (Raffles Girls' School (Secondary))
English Language (A+), Higher Chinese Language (B), Mathematics 1 (A+), Mathematics 2 (A), Special Art Programme (A+), Social Studies (A+), History (A+), Literature in English (A), Biology (A+), Chemistry (A+)
2013 Testimonial (Raffles Girls' School (Secondary))
2012 Transcript (Commonwealth Secondary School)

Other Qualifications

The tutor has declined to show her qualification. Please contact us for it or read the FAQ about this.

Commitment Level

I can start anytime this month (January) but will be overseas for the whole month of February. I will be back in March and should be quite free for the months I'm in Singapore.