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29157. Teo Liang Wei

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Teaching level and subjects

Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Science, Physics/Chem

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Gender Male
Age 26 to 30
Date Joined Oct 2012
Occupation Undergrad
Teaching at N
2009 GCE O (Yishun Town Secondary School)
English Language (B3), Combined Humanities (A1), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A1), Biology (A2), Chinese Language (A1), (Distinction)
2010 GCE A (Anderson Junior College)
H1 Chinese Language (A), H1 Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Distinction), H1 Project Work (A)
2011 GCE A (Anderson Junior College)
H1 General Paper (C), H2 Physics (B), H2 Chemistry (B), H2 Economics (B), H2 Mathematics (A)


Academic Year 2008 1 Pri 6 (Maths) 1 Pri 5 (Maths)

Academic Year 2010 1 Pri 6 (Maths) 1 Sec 1 (Maths)

Academic Year 2012 1 SEC 3 (NT MATHS) 2 PRI 6 (MATHS) (group) 1 PRI 4 (MATHS) 2 PRI 3 (MATHS) (group)

Academic Year 2013 1 SEC 4E A/E Maths 4 SEC 3E A/E Maths (group) 1 SEC 4NT Maths 2 SEC 1NA Maths (group)

Academic Year 2014 3 SEC 4E A/E Maths (WRS group) 4 SEC 4E A/E Maths (CCHS yishun group Sunday) 2 SEC 4E A/E Maths (CCHS yishun group Saturday) 3 SEC 3E A/E Maths (BPGHS group)

Academic Year 2015 1 SEC 3E A/E Maths (CCHS) 2 SEC 4E A/E Maths (BPGHS) 1 SEC 5NA A/E Maths (CCSS) 2 IP4 Maths (Rivervalley)

Academic Year 2016 6 J2 H2 Mathematics (IJC,JJC,SRJC,NYJC) 2 SEC 4E A/E Maths (CCHS)

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