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2839. Yoong Cai Ting Elaine

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Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Dec 2006
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
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Elaine says

I have 13 years of tuition teaching experience in all primary levels, thus i am very familiar with the school syllabus and i know what are the requirements for each level, each subject for the student to focus on in order to excel well.

My achievements are,

Primary 4 student who had a failing grade in her Science scored 80 marks for her next exam.

Primary 6 student whom i coached for 2 years since primary 5 scored A* for his Science in PSLE year 2008. He is now in St Joseph Institute eligible for a special Science programme.

Primary 1 student who is weak in Chinese and had a failing grade for the subject scored 85 marks after a few months of tuition with me. Her other subjects improved from band 3 to band 2 and band 2 to band 1.

A foreign primary 1 student who had no basic foundation in Chinese scored from a failing grade to 90 marks for her next exam.

Primary 2 student scored the highest for Chinese in her class and full marks for Math in the CA2 examination. She maintained her results for final year examination and got awarded the Good Progress Award.

Primary 2 student scored from 60+ marks to 80+ for her Chinese.

Kindergarten 1 student who had weak Chinese foundation improved a lot for the language as commented by his school MT teacher.

Primary 4 student scored from Band 2 to Band 1 for his English and Math in final year examination after 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade A for Science in PSLE (year 2013) after 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade A for English in PSLE (year 2013) after about 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade B for Math (failed in Primary 5) in PSLE (year 2013) after 3-4 months of lesson.

Two primary 6 siblings scored A* and A for Math in PSLE (year 2013) after less than 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade A for Math in PSLE (year 2013) after about 1 year of lesson.

Primary 2 student improved from just passed (25,26/50) to 38.5/50 for her English and 52/100 to about 75/100 for her Math after about 2 months of lessons.

A primary 6 girl scored from A to A*(PSLE) for Science and A for English (PSLE).

A primary 1 girl improved from fail to pass for her English and Math after approximately of 6 - 8 months of lessons with me.

StarTutor's Review

Elaine enjoys working with young children. Their innocence and adorable faces never fail to put a smile on her face. Her love for young children has also landed her in a teaching job at a childcare centre previously, and hence she is very experienced in handling young children. She enjoys coaching them, and finds great joy in seeing them make progress under her guidance.

Elaine specializes in all subjects for Primary school, namely English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. She has been giving home tuition for 6 years, and is very familiar with the current MOE syllabus for all these subjects. Using this to her advantage, Elaine is able to spot the trend in examinations and thus prepares students well by exposing them to a variety of possible examination questions. Elaine feels that through this, she is able to build up the confidence of her students, as well as training them to study smart, not just hard.

Elaine helps students who are academically stronger to stretch even further and obtain better grades by allowing them to practise challenging questions of a higher level. She guides such students by teaching them to think from a different angle to solve higher-level questions, and also introduces more problem solving techniques if they are able to cope with it. Elaine is also very familiar in teaching ‘Model Diagrams’ which is an essential problem solving technique for primary school Mathematics. She shared with us that ‘Model Diagrams’ are essential for weaker students, especially since they are unable to visualize word problems. Elaine makes use of these diagrams to help the student visualize better, and slowly trains them so that they will be able to adopt this technique on their own eventually.

Overall, Elaine is aware of the weaknesses and problems that most primary school students face, and is quick to remedy these as soon as she is aware of them. Her familiarity with the school syllabus will definitely give her students an edge over the rest.

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Cady, Weichao, Gavin), 18 April 2009


Elaine has helped Firas to be more disciplined in his studies and has pushed him to be more independent in learning. She teaches and advises in a firm manner. She assigns a manageable amount of homework after every session to reinforce her teaching. Also, she is prompt in marking her students homework. She ensures that errors are completely understood by explaining them to the student and then instructing them to make corrections. This has helped Firas obtain a Band 1 in his last Mathematics examination. Elaine has been an excellent supplement to Firas school career. There is no doubt that she is a good tutor that can benefit other students too. - Nurly

Thank you for your great job in coaching my son Chinese (MT) in P2 this year. He has improved his MT to Band I -85 marks for his SA1. During the Parents-meet-teachers' session, his school MT teacher was pleased with his vast improvement (he got 2nd in his MT class) and expressed hope that he could get into the Tier one MT class next year as long as he continues his progress. No one would have thought this was possible when MT was his worst subject or fear since P1. ( he improved from 68 to 75 to 85 for P1 SA1, SA2 and now P2 SA1.) In fact we did not expect him to be able to catch up so fast since he could not even understand Mandarin at all in K1. It had been 'painful' to get him to understand passages. Now, he is finally getting more adept to it. Your feedback of his behavior during lessons is great because he would know that his parents are aware of his mischief, if any. It helps to keep him in check. Hope that you can continue to coach him to achieve greater heights. - Mrs Lee

I was impressed with Elaine's Profile and review from STAR tuition website. Her experience with primary syllabus and ability to connect with children were some of the qualities that caught my attention. She has been coaching Gavin since Primary 4 and I have seen significant change in his conduct and attitude towards his schoolwork. Her firm and friendly approach gave Gavin the confidence to advance towards each level of improvement than just focusing on academic outcomes. Both his Maths and Science results have improved from band 2 to a band 1 and scored extremely well for his recent PSLE. - Mrs Chia

I thank you for all the effort and care you have showered for my girl's study. After I saw her results last week, I was shocked. I could not believe that she can improve so fast and so much. It's only such a short period of time, and yet you helped her make such a wonderful progress. Besides her academic results, I also appreciate the life value you gave to her. She has also changed her attitude on study. Thank you very much, my wife and I really appreciate your help and recognise your professionalism in helping more students achieve better results. - Mr Zhou

I am pleased to recommend Miss Elaine, whom has taught my son English and Science subjects for the past half years. She is a patient and inspiring person, has a keen ability for finding and discerning the appropriate method to improve her pupil's subject. My son even scored the highest mark for science subject in his class. I take this opportunity to thank her for the effort and time she spent on my son. - Mao Chun Cheng

I am writing this letter to thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm and turning Tahmid's Math journey a positive experience. Tahmid has a full potential to be the best student, however he was loosing interest in Math as the subject appeared to him boring and did not score well in SA1. It was not easy task for previous tutors to make him understand about focusing on this subject. With all of your patience, creativity and love, Tahmid has scored good marks in his SA2 exam of P4. Thank you, Ms Elaine. You have made a great difference for him. I really appreciate your being so patient with him and working so hard to boost his confidence. Few out of the box instructions provided by you really made a difference. We are looking forward to continue his math journey with you in P5. - Md Zahasher Hossain

Appreciate your guidance over these few years and thank you for providing knowledge in my daughter's weakest subject - Science. She has shown great improvement after having lessons with you. - Edward Tan

My teacher has helped me in Science. My original score usually ranged from 85-89, never breaking any further than that, however after tuition with Ms Elaine, my MCQ which I used to score only 50 marks is now full marks! This has helped me greatly and made a difference as each question is worth 2 marks. Therefore from 87 in CA1, I improved to 94 for my prelims, helping me become one of, if not the highest scorer. I finally got my A*! Thank you Ms Elaine! - Aloysius Lim

Ms Elaine is a conscientious and responsible tutor. She plans her lessons in a well-structured manner and is able to get the learning interests going. My son, who is in P3, does not have good results in English and Science prior to her lessons. After engaging her tuition services, we saw a tremendous improvement in his results! We would like to thank her for the effort that she has put in within a short period of time (a total of 8 lessons) prior to the term exams as it was not easy to pull his results up within such a short time frame. Thank you, Ms Elaine! - Cheryl, mother of P3

Tutor Elaine has showed her capabilities in teaching my son both English and Math subjects. Within a few months, from failed SA1 to remarkable SA2 results which I did not expect my son can score that well. Not only is my son efforts, I have saw Tutor Elaines efforts in the results. She does not only teach subjects, she help me to build up my sons characters and gave him the confidence that he is lack of initially. Overall, tutor Elaine did more than a great job! Thank you. - Gabrielle Tan
2012 Others (ACC School of Counselling and Psychology)
Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology
2008 Bachelor (Murdoch University)
Bachelor of Commerce in Management
2006 Diploma (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Diploma in Quality Management and Engineering

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I am a full time tutor and can start tuition immediately. However, my 1-1 home tuition slots are full at the moment, but I do have group classes on weekdays night. Do check it out under the posting of group tuition.

Group Tuition at 293B Bukit Batok St 21 S652293 (7 Available)

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1 P4 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs Wednesday 3pm to 430pm 2 Students $29/hr Submit Request
2 P5 Maths 4 x 2hrs Wednesday 5pm to 7pm 2 Students $29/hr Submit Request
3 P5 Maths 4 x 2hrs Friday 730pm to 930pm 2 Students $29/hr Submit Request
4 P3 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs Saturday 1245pm to 215pm 2 Students $28/hr Submit Request
5 P4 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs Saturday 230pm to 4pm 2 Students $29/hr Submit Request
6 P3 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs Sunday 3pm to 430pm 2 Students $28/hr Submit Request
7 P2 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs Sunday 445pm to 615pm 2 Students $28/hr Submit Request

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