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23561. Mr Wu
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Gender Male
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Feb 2011
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
Teaching at
Bachelor (National University of Singapore)
Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Mathematics
Others (National University of Singapore (Dean's List awards))
2006 GCE A ()
H2 Mathematics (A), H2 Physics (A), H2 Chemistry (A), H2 Biology (A), H1 General Paper (A1)
2004 GCE O (Raffles Institution)
English Language (A1), Combined Humanities (A1), Geography (A1), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A1), Chemistry (A1), Biology (A1), Higher Chinese Language (A2)
GCE O (Raffles Institution)
Chinese Language (A1), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Merit)
PSLE (Nanyang Primary School)
English Language (A*), Chinese Language (A*), Mathematics (A*), Science (A*), Higher Chinese Language (Distinction), Social Studies (Distinction)
Music (ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music))
Grade 8 Piano

Other Qualifications

(NUS) Math Major, Dean's List

(A Levels) Math (A), Physics (A)

(O Levels) E. Math (A1), A. Math (A1)


Dear Sir/Mdm,

I have more than 10 years of tutoring experience. I can teach Maths up to 'A' levels.

I am patient with students, and will teach them key concepts which are useful in solving many Maths problems.

Thank you very much.

Teaching Goals

- enable the student to understand advanced concepts in the syllabus

- promote interest in the subject

- explain clearly the methods to solve difficult problems

Math Tuition available (Individual or Group Tuition)

Subjects for tuition--- O level Maths, A Maths A level Maths (H1/H2/H3)

Other subjects--- IB (International Baccalaureate) Maths IP (Integrated Programme) Maths Olympiad Maths GEP Math and others

Tutor is patient, experienced and qualified. (from Raffles Institution (GEP), NUS Mathematics Deans List)

Our tutor, Mr Wu, has a long experience in tutoring mathematics.

Mr Wu is patient with students, and will explain the concepts clearly to them. He is encouraging to weaker students, while stronger students will not feel bored as Mr Wu will provide sufficiently challenging exercises for them to learn more. In short, every student should experience an improvement after tuition.

We strongly believe that the tutors personality and character is just as important as his academic qualifications.

We sincerely look forward to helping more students improve in mathematics.

Commitment Level

Once I start tutoring a student, I will remain committed for the entire year.

Despite Mr Wu's academic qualifications, he remains a humble and patient teacher. Also, parents can rest assured that Mr Wu teaches at a level that student can fully understand. For A Levels, we will try to teach it in a clear and simple way such that even a Sec 3/4 student can understand. For O Levels, we will teach it such that even Sec 1/2 students can understand, and so on.

For individual tuition, the tutor can travel to the students house.

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

- Proverbs 22,6

Group Tuition at Bishan S (1 Available)

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# Level Subjects Sessions Per Month Timing Group Required Rate Action
1 A2 Maths 4 x 2hrs Sat 7-9 2 Students $40/hr Submit Request