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1396. LeRain Lee

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International Baccalaureate

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Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Jul 2006
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
Teaching at NE,NW,W,E,C
Buona Vista
Jln Besar
Bt Timah
Farrer Rd
Ghim Moh
Joo Chiat
Marine Parade
Chai Chee
Bedok Reservoir
Pasir Ris
Yio Chu Kang
Ang Mo Kio
Thomson Rd
Bt Batok
Bt Gombak

LeRain says

Am commissioned by an upcoming music school to do a complete 3 years program of curriculum and syllabus planning. The 2nd year is completed.

9 years experience in teaching chinese at primary & secondary school level and piano till grade 8. Also an assistant choral instructor and experienced in accompaniment for single line instruments for exams such as violin.

Attached to Gramercy Music School (Holland V) as a piano teacher for 9 years and on-going. Able to teach basic, intermediate pop drumming, jazz theory, jazz piano, pop piano and music composition other than usual classical practical and theory.

There will be an annual recital for all my students and it will be counted as one lesson. Students will get to play on a grand piano in an auditorium or recital hall.

Very experienced with kids as well as teenagers and adults. Emphasis is on cultivating the individual's interest in piano and music or mandarin language.

Chinese subject focus is Creative writing. My student with me for 9 years who hated the chinese language and did not mind failing or hanging around the border developed a keen interest in it as she grew older. Now she speaks fluent chinese, able to read both modern and olden day chinese writings and also able to watch chinese series or movies without subtitles and have no problems in understanding the show anymore. She is now in sec 4.

All my students are motivated to achieve Merit and Distincition in both Theory and Practical. Piano includes extensive repetoire other than usual 3 exam pieces only.

Jazz and Pop lessons are by per lesson. $50 per hr, learning how to play from lead sheets and various grooves. Materials are provided.

Learning how to play jazz and pop through clearly notated scores and not lead sheets have same charges as classical piano.

StarTutor's Review

LeRain is a confident and genuine person. She is an expertise in the Music field. She knows the different available exams (ABRSM, Trinity etc) for piano and their respective pros and cons. Thus, you can easily trust her to recommend the most suitable exam for your child to undertake.

She specializes at teaching Piano, both practical and theory with students ranging from Beginner to Grade 8, age ranging from 5 – 30 plus years old (Young child – Adult). She is able to analyze every student and come up with customized teaching method.

For younger children aged 7 and below, she feels that 30 minutes will be the maximum attention span and will not recommend anything beyond that. She interacts with the parents often to update them about their child’s progress, strengths and weaknesses in order to bring the best out of the child with the parents’ assistance.

For beginners, she teaches posture and introduction to the piano keys on the first lesson as she knows that the basic is always the most important key to proceed to higher levels. Although theories for Grade 5 and above are not compulsory, LeRain encourages her students to not only complete Grade 8 Practical, but also theory, to be a true qualified pianist. She loves to assist her musically talented students to go against their limits for greater achievements.

With her vast experience, LeRain is able to get suitable material for her students. She uses the age of the student as a gauge. For young children, colorful books filled with pictures will be suitable to capture their attention and arouse their interest whereas for adults, a typical book will be of better use.

Being a Full-Time Piano home-tutor and a Part-Time Piano tutor at Gramercy Music School, LeRain keeps herself updated with changes occurring in the Music field. She is patient yet firm when needed and believes that hard work will be accompanied with rewards.

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Xuehui, Fangling and Elvin), 20th May 2008


"Hi! LeRain, Just want to say Thank you as eventhough Nicole had only 2 months of lessons with you, I see that she has improved a lot and also shows more interest in playing the piano. Thank you!" (Mrs Lim (Punggol), Beginner previous student from Christofori, 2008 April)

"I don't really know what magic you have casted but I see that my daughter Moria is more self motivated and picking up interest in playing the piano once again ever since she stopped about 3 months right after her previous teacher left. Thank you very much!" (Mrs Lim Cheng Kah (Hougang), Grade 4, 2008 Feb)

"Thank you LeRain. I have seen Natalie's drastic improvement under you in less than 6 months despite starting out at 4 with Kawai Music School and endured many change of teachers. She is more interested and motivated and she takes your advises and words more serious than mine! Thank you!" (Mrs Ng (Pasir Ris), Grade 2, 2007 October)

"Numa used to be able to play songs from one book only and cannot read music until I found you. She enjoys her lessons a lot more now. The recital was good. Thank you very much." (Mrs Yesmin Fecher, 2009 Dec)

"Thank you very much! Suprisingly Joy opened herself up to you socially and changed totally including opening up to both of us. I thought she couldn't make it because the previous teacher wasn't quite positive on her quiet nature then. She really enjoys her music lesson after meeting you. Thank you!" (Mr & Mrs Phang, 2009 Jul)

"Even my neighbours heard the tremendous improvement with my son, Riji, within a month under you. Thank you and once again for the recital opportunity. (Mr & Mrs Wong, 2009 Dec)

"Karen is problematic sometimes so thank you very much for your patience and understanding when teaching her. She has improved much under your tutelage once a week instead of twice with her previous teacher. Thank you very much for organising the recital as well." (Mrs Teo, 2009 Dec)

"Thank you very much for your extreme patience with our daughter, Gladys. She can be difficult sometimes. We hope she can sustain her musical interests under you. (Mr & Mrs Koh, 2009 Dec)

"My son had so much difficulty in composition for g8 theory but you made tremendous effort and used so many methods to teach him. Thank you very much for the patience and effort. He is also very happy to have pass it in one sitting as he jumped from g5 to 8. Thank you again" (Mrs Lau, 2011 Jan)
2014 Music (Australia National Council of Orff Schulwerk )
2012 Diploma (University of West London)
Associate Diploma of the London College of Music in Theory of Music
2012 Bachelor (UniSim)
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
2011 Music (University of West London)
Licentiate Diploma of the London College of Music in Pianoforte Teaching (LLCM)
2010 Music (ABRSM)
Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Principles of Instrumental Teaching (Piano)
2007 Diploma (Laselle College of the Arts)
Diploma of Higher Education
2007 Diploma (Lasalle College of the Arts)
Diploma in Music
2007 Music (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)
Grade 8 Theory of Music
2003 Diploma (Singapore Polytechnic)
Diploma in Multimedia Software Engineering
2003 Music (Country Manna Restaurant)
Letter of Appreciation and Commendation for Piano Performance at Suntec City and Changi Airport Terminal One Country Manna Restaurants
2001 Music (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)
Grade 8 Piano
1999 GCE O (Chung Cheng High School (Main))
English Language (B3), Geography (A2), Mathematics (A2), Additional Mathematics (B3), Physics (C5), Chemistry (B4), Higher Chinese (B3), Chinese (A2)
1998 GCE O (Chung Cheng High School (Main))
Chinese (A1), Chinese (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)

Other Qualifications

Higher Diploma in Music (Jazz Compositon) awarded by Lasalle & Open Uk
Diploma in Music (Jazz Composition)awarded by Lasalle

Diploma in Multimedia Technology (Software Engineering), Singapore Polytechnic

O Levels(Chung Cheng High School Main), CL1(A1), HCL(B3), ENG (B3), Chinese Literature(A2), Geography(A2), EMaths(A2), AMaths(B3), Chemistry(B4), Physics(C5)

Commitment Level

It is important for the parent to understand that music and arts take long time to reap results. The parent has to play their part in motivating their own kid and not pressuring them for getting the piece of paper.

The parent must understand that different child has different rate of learning. I do not believe in stupidity as that has been the moto of my teachers. Hardwork will be able to surpass talent.

Kids with me for a long period do gain higher level of confidence. What I do to help them is also to develop good virtues and values in the long term.

Once a kid is with me, I'll try my best to cultivate his/her interest, help them to teach themselves the skills requires for a life long ability to appreciate music.

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