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Date Joined 12 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 31 (Top 3%)
Qualification Rating 6
+ Experience Rating 13
+ Feedback Rating 0.4
= Total Rating 19.4

Qualifications and Experience


Kanipayyoor Krishnankutty Bindu

2003 Masters (University of Calicut, India)
2001 Bachelor (University of Calicut, India)
M.Sc. in Chemistry, First Class (University of Calicut,India) B.Sc.Chemistry-86.5%, First Class B.Ed. in Physical Science,First Class A Level (Little Flower College,india), Chemistry (82%)First Class

O Level (Bethany.e.h.s. India), English (82%), A Maths (92%), Chemistry (100%), Geography (98%), Social Studies (99%), Total score-92.3% .First Class I was the top scorer of my school for the year 1996 ,India,for the O level Examination

U.S.S. scholarship Holder,India National Merit Scholarship Holder ,India
Experience I am an M.Sc.Graduate with, 9 years of experience in tutoring O level Physics&Chemistry. I am giving both one to one and group tuition. I have taught over 40 students over these 9 yrs and 95% of them scored As for their O levels ,the rest B3s.I adopt different teaching methods to different students depending on their learning capability. During my class I will make clear the theories as well as clear all the doubts from the school work sheets as well as guide him to do exercises and previous question papers. Because by practice only the student can improve his concentration power,which in turn speeds up his thought process & writing skills , which enables him to score high marks . Last year I had a student who did not show much interest in studies due to some reasons. But I was able to bring the student back to the studies and school teacher herself called the parent to tell that the student passed the chemistry test for the first time. Another memorable achievement is the victory of a student who used to score F9 bcoz of his poor memory power. I encouraged him,constantly motivated him to do topical papers regularly and at the end ,he scored A1 for O levels!! I am happy to convey you that I have got positive feedbacks from my students and from their parents.TRY MY TUTORING!!!U will definitely score As for your Phy/Chem.I am a dedicated , committed tutor with excellent tutoring skills
Commitment I can start as soon as possible..on Saturdays n Sundays I prefer students who can come to my place for tuition.

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Kanipayyoor Krishnankutty Bindu

Assignments 11
Area Level Subjects
NE O4 Physics/Chem
NE A2 Chemistry
NW O4 Physics, Chemistry
NE O4 Physics/Chem
NW O3 Physics, Chemistry
N O2 Chemistry
NW O4 Physics, Chemistry
NE A2 Chemistry
N O2 Science
- O4 Physics/Chem
N O1 Physics, Chemistry
SMS Response 0
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Kanipayyoor Krishnankutty Bindu

Preferred Area N,NW
A Level -
O Level -
Primary -
Music -
Language -
Computer -