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Date Joined 6 months ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
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Qualifications and Experience


Reen K

Law graduate from University of Exeter.
Experience I am a full time female tutor with 10 years experience and a law degree from the University of Exeter. I teach English, Literature and Maths.

I specialise in intensive tutoring to get the results you want in a short amount of time and regularly help students get into top schools and universities such as Raffles, Hwa Chong, NUS, Oxbridge, Harvard, LSE, Exeter etc.

My Approach
During the first lesson, I assess the students strengths and weaknesses and the goals they want to reach. Straight after the lesson- I give the tutee and their parents/guardians a full breakdown of my assessment and plan of action with time marked milestones that the student will reach-with the first milestone reached within 3 lessons.
Commitment Have slots available to start asap.

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Reen K

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Reen K

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A Level General Paper
O Level English
E Maths
A Maths
Primary English
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