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Date Joined 1 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 21 to 25
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Qualifications and Experience


Sean Lim

Experience I was part of a senior-led tutoring program in Raffles Institution for 2 years, where I allocated time after school to mentor my juniors in subjects such as English and Mathematics. I mentoed 3 juniors in total and all 3 experience grade improvements in their GPA, increasing from an average of 3.2 (out of 4.0) to 3.6.

In Secondary 4, I volunteered at Xinghua Primary School for three months and tutored two Primary 5 children daily, in the subjects of English and Mathematics, to prepare them for their year-end examinations. Over the course of the three months, both students I tutored experienced grade improvements from around Band 3 to high Band 2/low Band 1.
Commitment I can start ASAP and will able to do so until August next year. During the end of April 2019, I will be away for a short trip, but during this time I will remain contactable by mobile for any academic queries, and I promise to respond as best and as efficiently as I can.

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Sean Lim

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Sean Lim

Preferred Area NE,C
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