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Date Joined 7 months ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 1273 (Top 99%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Trishia Tan

Graduated with a 2nd lower (Hons) Degree, Bachelor of Business.
Experience I specialised in teaching Primary levels. I am a Tutor with 4 years of experience teaching different primary levels currently. Most of my students had their grades improved from D to B (at least).

I will always observe my students as different students require different teaching methods.

I will also give feedbacks to parents on a monthly basis.

Besides going through textbooks, worksheets, revision books and past papers, i will also set papers and give them Speed Test (especially for Maths).

I choose to believe that i am their "main teacher" while their teachers in school are actually the tutors. Depending on the child's progress, i usually teach ahead of school curriculum (doable for parents who engage me for 2 times per week) so that when the child goes to school, it will be just a recap for them. I would usually resume all tuitions in mid-late December so that i can be ahead of the subject curriculum.
Commitment I was initially a part time tutor, now going full time. I am able to start anytime if timing doesn't clash with my current students.

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Trishia Tan

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Trishia Tan

Preferred Area NE,E
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Primary Chinese
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