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Date Joined 1 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
Rank 150 (Top 14%)
Qualification Rating 3
+ Experience Rating 3
+ Feedback Rating 1.0
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Qualifications and Experience


Ong Siew Kwan (Kimo)

2016 Bachelor (Murdoch University)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
2016 Bachelor (Murdoch University)
2016 Transcript (Murdoch University)
2013 Diploma (Kaplan Institute)
Diploma in Counselling
O Level - English(B4), Science (B4), Chinese (A2), Art (C5), Mathematics (C6), Humanities Social Studies, Literature (B3)

Diploma in Counselling

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Currently studying in LASALLE College of the Arts - Master of Arts in Art Therapy

Worked with People with Dementia for two and and half years in a Nursing Home built for People with Dementia.
Experience I have had experience in teaching primary and secondary school students, particularly in English and Science. Students who have been failing their subjects had improved (e.g. from D7 to C5), and subsequently getting a B4 for his 'O' Levels examination. The continued improvement is visible within a short 5 months of tuition.

For Primary school students, I am confident in teaching English and Science (for upper primary) and improving their foundations before moving up to Secondary school levels.

I do not believe in having the same teaching methods for every student on the contrary, I am focused on my student's learning needs, as well as their strength in the subjects that they are needing help with, and from there to improve on any struggles they might have in understanding the concepts.

From my 3 years of teaching experience as a tutor, I have learned that students tend to pay more attention and learn more effectively when the sessions are fun and light-hearted, yet engaging and subject-relevant. Therefore, I always try to incorporate some of my own learning experiences and real life scenarios to catch the interest of my students, thereby ensuring that learning does take place during the short span of 1 to 2 hours.
Commitment I can start as soon as possible and will be able to do so for long term, about 3 to 4 years. I am also able to have tuition during weekends, in the early afternoon or evenings.

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Ong Siew Kwan (Kimo)

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NE P6 English, Science
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Ong Siew Kwan (Kimo)

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A Level -
O Level English
Primary English
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Language English
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