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Date Joined 1 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 50 and above
Rank 571 (Top 50%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Regina Ho

I am an ex MOE-trained teacher.

Bachelor of Arts(English and Music)
Diploma in Education with Credit (Top 10% of NIE cohort)
Experience I pride myself as a very patient and creative educator. I believe and adhere closely to Jean Piaget's theory of learning cognition whereby participation in learning activities stimulates understanding and retention of concepts learned.
My students have largely benefited from this teaching approach and have scored Bands 1 and 2 in their academic exams.

I have taught in primary schools from 1990 to 2003, and have been giving private tuition till present. I specialize in teaching upper primary English and Math.
Commitment I started my teaching career since 1990 and have remained a teacher/tutor till present.

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Regina Ho

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Regina Ho

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Primary English
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