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Date Joined 11 months ago
Category Poly
Age Range Below 20
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Qualifications and Experience


Claire Teo Li Ling

2017 Diploma (ACC School of Counselling and Psychology)
Specialist Diploma in Relationship and Marital Counselling
I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Performance at LASALLE College of the Arts.
Experience My forte is in English. Especially composition and creative writing. Ever since I was child, I always fascinated myself with bringing stories to life, be it on stage or on paper. Through interactive and dynamic sessions that are specially designed to cultivate interest and prompt the imagination, I'll show my students the beauty of the Language. I believe that there's no limit to a child's learning. Their capacity is dependent on how motivated and determined they are to succeed and I can't wait to be a part of their growth.

Also, I have taught Math to 3 girls from 2016-2017 2 in Primary 2 and one in Primary 4. They were all failing when I first took them on, after 3 months, one managed a Pass and the other 2 achieved a B.
Commitment I will be free to teach for the next 2 months of May and June. Subsequently, July is a hectic period for me so further scheduling must be done. From August to November, I can commit to weekends only. December is free for me.

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Claire Teo Li Ling

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Claire Teo Li Ling

Preferred Area NE
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Primary English
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