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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Teacher
Age Range 26 to 30
Rank 545 (Top 48%)
Qualification Rating 0
+ Experience Rating 1
+ Feedback Rating 2.0
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Qualifications and Experience


Rahayu Haris

After completing my Diploma in Education at NIE, I crossed over to the Bsc in Education programme at NIE.
Experience Gender F
Age 26
Current School/Occupation
Student teacher at NIE
Highest QUALIFICATION Diploma from s'pore poly and NIE
School ATTENDED YUHUA Sec, Singapore poly and NIE /NTU
Relevant RESULTS B3 at o levels, B at PSLE
Years of EXPERIENCE 3 Yrs tutoring
Experience write-up 6 mths in primary sch (p4 math and science)

15 weeks teaching practicum (P5 Math).
Additional Remarks
I always employ CPA (concrete pictorial abstract) approach to aid students in understanding of concepts and ease their understanding of high order questions.
Commitment I can start ASAP.
Monday 6.30 pm onwards
Tuesday 6.30 pm onwards
Wednesday 3 pm onwards
Thursday 3 pm onwards
Friday 4 pm onwards
Sunday 3pm onwards

May to August are my holidays, hence I'd be more available, before the new semester starts.

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Rahayu Haris

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Rahayu Haris

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Primary Maths
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