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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Undergrad
Age Range 21 to 25
Rank 155 (Top 14%)
Qualification Rating 4
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Qualifications and Experience


David Sentosa

2016 GCE A (Hwa Chong Institution (College))
General Paper (B), Physics (B), Chemistry (A), Economics (B), Mathematics (A)
2015 GCE A (Hwa Chong Institution (College))
Project Work (A)
I have finished my NS commitments since November 2018, after which I will enrol at NTU to study Business & Accountancy (Double Degree Programme).
Experience I believe that every student can improve his/her grades with proper systematic guidance and attention, especially towards improving his/her weaker areas. I aim to help students overcome the problems they have with concepts, since conceptual errors will constantly pull. a student's grades down if left uncorrected.

Being a former student in Hwa Chong Institution's Integrated Programme, I can better understand the difficulties faced by IP students, who are often fed JC-esque concepts in their secondary school years and are yet expected to pick them up quickly and ace in tests and examinations. Having personally struggled to perform well in my years as an IP student, I hope to share tips and tricks on how to eventually overcome these difficulties and improve academically.

Mathematics and Chemistry are the subjects where simple misconceptions can be the difference between an A grade and a fail. I was prone to many of these misconceptions before, and I aim to focus specifically on helping students avoid them.

I believe that anyone can improve their understanding of the syllabus by gaining experience through practice. I would expect my students to complete assignments given to them by me, because these assignments would be tailored to focus on improving their weaker areas.
Commitment I am currently also working full-time from Mon-Fri. Please do let me know your preferred time slots and I will let you know if I will be available. I can have lessons from 730pm onwards on weekdays and from 230pm onwards on Sundays.

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David Sentosa

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N O2 Science
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David Sentosa

Preferred Area C
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