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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 21 to 25
Rank 885 (Top 68%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Tan Pey Shiuan

O Level
A and E math, Chemistry and Physics, combined humans, chinese, HCL A1
English and Biology A2

A level
Straight As
Experience I taught sec 3 chem to a student for half a year, and her reuslts improved from C6 to A2.

I taught primary school english, mathematics and science for one year as part of my peer-tutoring project in secondary school and JC.

I was from Nan Hua High School and Hwa Chong Institution and am currently studying in NUS Dentistry, one of the most competitive courses in Singapore.
Commitment I can start asap and will be able to commit to the end of the year. Preferably on weekends morning.

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Tan Pey Shiuan

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Tan Pey Shiuan

Preferred Area
A Level Chemistry
O Level Maths
E Maths
A Maths
Social Studies
Primary -
Music -
Language -
Computer -