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Date Joined 3 year ago
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Aaron Lam

Experience Hi, my name is Aaron and i wish to register as a tutor at Startutor)

I am currently embarking to read law in the University of Nottingham in September and wish to commit myself to something fruitful till then.

As the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Leo Club of Temasek Junior College, I taught primary school children at Temasek Primary School under the British Petroleum Mentoring Scheme for 1 year. Under this Scheme, my CCA mates and I provide free tution for students over a wide range of core subjects namely English, Math, Science. The students benefitted greatly from our help and this strengthened the partnership between my Junior College and Temasek Primary School in giving back to the community.

Furthemore, I served as a personal tutor under the Free Tuition Scheme in my 2nd year of Junior College. I tutored a primary two boy in English, Mathematics and Science. I liased with the parents to update them on his progress and he was able to achieve commendable results as he progressed further in his primary school education.

For over 100 hours of community service, i was awarded the Lions Young Leaders in Service Gold Seal Award. For its profound service to the community, my club achieved the Top Alpha Leo Club award and the International Leo Club Excellence Award.

My goal is to instill the legendary Singaporean work ethic into my tutee from young. My teaching method encompasses firstly understanding the character and preferred
Commitment I am able to commit immediately but would like to inform Startutor that i would be commencing my studies in law in September 2017.

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Aaron Lam

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Aaron Lam

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