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Date Joined 3 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
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Qualifications and Experience


Ang Qing Xiong

2016 GCE O (Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School)
English Language (B3), Combined Humanities (B3), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2), Biology (A2), Chinese Language (A1), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
2012 PSLE (North View Primary School)
English Language (A), Chinese Language (A), Mathematics (A*), Science (A), Higher Chinese Language (Merit)
2010 Transcript (Nanyang Polytechnic)
1.Crowbar awards in 3d Animation and Animation Bronze

2.Diploma in Digital Media Design Director list Sem1 & Sem2, 2007/2008, 2008/2009

3.Toastmasters International (Raffles at Mountbatten) Vice President of Public Relations

4.National Service Best Soldier award, March 2011, May 2011
Experience I am a 9 years full-time tutor. I am currently tutoring in JEI Pslemath, at students' homes, and have tutoring experiences in tuition centers such as Adam Khoo Learning Center, Jamiyah's Children Home, (an Malay Orphanage), and Brenda's tuition center. Having the best of both world from centres and private tuition, I constantly aim to sharpen my own skills in knowledge, teaching, customer service as well as molding my own character to be the best version of myself.

Track record of current/previous students

1. Raymond Song Seung Ho Yio Chu Kang Secondary Secondary 3. He came from Korea to Singapore three years ago. I helped him get posted to Sec 1, who sat for mid-year exams shortly after. He was a beginner in English then. With my guidance and his own diligence, he jumped grades from all single digit scores to passing all his subjects. Now he secured his 'A's in Math and Science.

2. Joshua Tan, Kong Hwa Primary School A student with ADHD Challenges. He jumped grades from border line pass to 80, achieving the best Improvement award in Math.

3. Dickson Tan, Geylang Methodist Secondary, Secondary 4. I have been teaching him since the beginning of 2013. Some challenges surfaced along the way as he dislikes his school teachers, and did not pay attention in class. After some changes to my teaching strategies as well as coordination with his parents, he understood the importance of doing well in studies, and achieved A1 in Math and A2 in Science consistently.
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Monday 730pm Wednesday 7,30pm

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Ang Qing Xiong

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Ang Qing Xiong

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