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Date Joined 12 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 332 (Top 26%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Sharon Han

Best Music Graduate with Distinction from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with Diploma in Music (teaching) in year 2007. Good results had been achieved with all modules achieving As and Bs with high average GPA 3.6.

Diploma in Music Education (NIE).

Music teaching scholarship (2004-7).

Entry into National Institute of Education (NIE) in August 2007 - Graduating with Diploma in Music Education (Secondary).

Full-Time NIE Trainee (August 2007-2008)

Diploma in Piano Performance (Trinity College ATCL) in 2007.

ABRSM Piano Grade 8 (Merit) in 2004

ABRSM Theory Grade 8 (Merit)in 2006

Studied at Temasek Junior College (A'Level MEP Programme)

Top Scorer in year 2000 O Level L1R5 - 6 points with A2 Grade in O' Level Music . English (A1), Chinese (A1), E.Math (A1), A.Math (A1), Pure Chemistry (A1), Pure Physics (A1), Combined Humanities - Geography and Social Studies (A1)

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Experience Prior teaching experience of 4 years at private music school - good experience with individual lessons and Group Music Lessons.

Training experience with classroom and Individual Music Lessons at NIE (3 Years)

Prior teaching experience with Primary School children ( P3 English Math Science and P1 English Chinese Math) - 2 years

I strongly believe that music plays an important in everyone's lives and seek to transfer pleasurable music playing experiences to people-regardless of age and gender. Besides teaching about the art of the piano itself, I'm also a strong advocate of regular concert attendance(s), active music participation and the exposure to various forms of genres including Jazz and contemporary music.

Music for life
Commitment I am able to start teaching immediately and am looking for long-term enjoyable teaching and learning experiences.

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Sharon Han

Assignments 3
Area Level Subjects
E M0 Piano
NE M2 Piano
NE M5 Piano
SMS Response 1
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Sharon Han

Preferred Area NE
A Level -
O Level -
Primary -
Music Piano
Language -
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