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Date Joined 5 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
Rank 141 (Top 12%)
Qualification Rating 5
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Qualifications and Experience


Wong Chee Khuen Kenneth

2007 GCE A (National Junior College)
General Paper (C), Economics (A), Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A)
2005 GCE O (River Valley High School)
English Language (A2), Combined Humanities (A2), Geography (A1), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2), Higher Chinese Language (B3)
Bachelor in Engineering, First Class Honours, NTU

A Level, H2 Mathematics (A), H2 Physics (A), H2 Chemistry (A), H1 Economics (A), National Junior College

O Level, Additional Mathematics (A1), Mathematics (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2), River Valley High School
Experience I will focus on the student's weak areas in the subject and identify gaps in their understanding. If required, I will provide extra practice materials for the student.

As a student, I have consistently achieved decent academic results. I will share with my students some of the strategies that I have used over the years and teach them how to be 'Exam Smart' and ways to 'Work Hard but Work Smart'.

Finally, I will assist the student in his/her preparation for the final examinations by consolidating all the concepts. I will provide past year papers if required.

I have a total of 4 years experience in tutoring, starting since my undergraduate days in NTU. Upon graduating in 2014, I have worked full-time in a tuition centre and thus I have experience with students from a variety of schools (including IP schools) and different background.

I can start asap and will be able to commit until the final examinations or end of academic year.

Some testimonials

"Mr. Kenneth is patient and helped a lot in strengthening my foundation before building upon it, allowing me to be able to solve questions of different difficulties." - Student from SCGS (A Maths)

"Kenneth is a good teacher, dedicated and responsible." - Mother of student from NYGHS
Commitment I can start asap and will be able to do so until the end of the year.

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Wong Chee Khuen Kenneth

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Wong Chee Khuen Kenneth

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A Level Maths
O Level Maths
E Maths
A Maths
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