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Date Joined 6 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
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Qualifications and Experience


Syahmi Rashid

2011 Bachelor (National University of Singapore (Honours Degree))
Bachelor of Technology (Chemical Engineering) Third Class Honors
2005 Diploma (Singapore Polytechnic)
Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Experience I have had over 4 years of tutoring experience dealing with a diverse range of students - from the playful to the hardworking. Being able to throttle my personality to suit the type of student I'm teaching, I am versatile in adapting my teaching style to maximize every one of my student's potential.

I mainly concentrate on P5, P6, Sec3 & Sec4 students, preparing them for the rigors of the PSLE & 'O' level examinations. I believe in providing my students room to breathe and to develop their potential, whilst getting them to tap upon their inner strengths to excel in their subjects.

Some of my student alumni have gone on to noted schools like BP Government High, while others have obtained scholarships to further their studies in Chemical Engineering diplomas.

What ALL my ex & current students have in common is a nurtured liking in subjects they previously disliked or even hated - that is the main difference between forcing a student to study for the sake of studying and nurturing a student to study because they want to.

Tutoring is not only a job - it is a responsibility in moulding the foundations of the future generation.

Make the correct choice.

My CV (details upon request)

Primary 5 (Foundation Eng ,Math / Std Eng, Math, Sci) Primary 6 (Standard Eng, Math, Sci) Secondary 2 (NA & Express English / Math / Science) Secondary 3 (E-Math / A-Math / Sci (Phy/Chem) / English) Secondary 4 (E-Math / A-Math / Sci (Phy/Chem) / English)
Commitment I am available Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 6pm onwards, Saturdays 1pm onwards and Sunday morning 10am onwards.

I sincerely believe in the 2-hour effectiveness of tuition - anything less and it would be too short, and anything more and the student tends to lose focus. Do keep that in mind when considering my services as a tutor to your child!

(These dates are valid till end 2013 and will be edited appropriately.)

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Syahmi Rashid

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Syahmi Rashid

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