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Category Undergrad
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Mohamed Fathurahman Bin Mohamed Nasir

2011 Transcript (Nanyang Polytechnic)
Experience I conduct lessons that are able to engage interest in the students into their vulnerable subjects. I enhance the concept of model drawing and concept understanding into my lessons so that my students would be able to learn better. For languages, I encourage reading and proper English conversation with my students so as to broaden their vocabulary horizon and step into the success zone of English Language.

For Mathematics, I emphasize on model drawing and concept understanding to enable my students to have better understanding towards their vulnerable topics.

Taught Mathematics to a Secondary 1 student for 3 years till end of his Secondary school years. His results improved from a C grade to A1 for his lower secondary Maths and A2 for his O level E Maths. Taught a Secondary 4 NA E Maths to a female student for two years. Her results improved from a E Grade to a B3 in her N levels and a B4 in her O levels. Taught Maths and English to a Primary 4 student for 2 years. His results improved from a C grade to a B grade in both subjects. He scored a B for his English and an A for his Maths in PSLE.

Currently teaching a P4 student in St. Margarets primary. Her results went from 69% in SA1 to 88% in her recent mock up revision test paper.

I have my own facebook page for my math students (THE MATHS DOCTOR BY FATHUR). All student's improvements are posted on the page.
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Mohamed Fathurahman Bin Mohamed Nasir

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Mohamed Fathurahman Bin Mohamed Nasir

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