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Date Joined 6 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 41 to 50
Rank 191 (Top 13%)
Qualification Rating 2
+ Experience Rating 5
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Qualifications and Experience


Wong Kee Huang

1998 NIE (NIE)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
1997 Bachelor (National University of Singapore (Honours Degree))
Bachelor of Science with Honors
Public Service Commission Local Merit Teaching Scholar
Experience Summary

- Passionate Math tutor

- Math Honours from NUS

- Ex-MOE Teaching Scholar

- Former JC math teacher - Current poly math lecturer

- 16 years of teaching & tutoring experience

I believe all students can do well in the subject with the right effort and guidance. My teaching emphasizes on ensuring students have good conceptual knowledge that enable them to solve problems of varying degrees of difficulty. During the session, my students will be taught the important concepts of each topic and guided to solve JC prelim exam questions. They will also be given topical prelim questions as homework to reinforce what they learn. Every lesson is customized to the student's level of understanding in the subject. Students are also taught useful exam strategies that may apply to their other subjects.

Under my guidance, my students have achieved tremendous improvement in Mathematics and aced their A level exam. I am dedicated to helping any student who is willing to improve his/her grades.

2011 A level results (H2 Math)

RJC - Improved from grade C to grade A.

ACJC - Improved from grade B to grade A.

Dunman High - Improved from grade B to grade A.

TJC - Improved from grade E to grade A.

SRJC - Improved from grade U to grade C

2012 A level result ( H2 Math)

RJC - Improved from grade E to A.

NYJC - Improved from grade D to A.

TJC - Improved from grade U to C.

VJC - Improved from grade E to A.
Commitment I am dedicated to helping any student who wants to improve his/her grades. Once I've taken on an assignment, I am committed to see the student through to his/her final exam.

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Wong Kee Huang

Assignments 3
Area Level Subjects
W A2 Maths
NW A2 Maths
NE A1 Maths
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Progress Written 0

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Wong Kee Huang

Preferred Area NW,W,E
A Level Maths
O Level -
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