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Date Joined 7 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 18 (Top 2%)
Qualification Rating 4
+ Experience Rating 18
+ Feedback Rating 1.4
= Total Rating 23.4

Qualifications and Experience


Vivian Cheong

2014 Masters (Berit Theological Seminary and Graduate School)
Master of Biblical Studies
2012 Bachelor (University of London / SIM)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics
O level

E Math - A, A Math - A, Chinese - A

- P5 girl Mom's SMS Vivian, thank you for your help. Navina passed her Math and Science papers. Big improvement. Math 65/100, Science 68/100.

- P5 girl, "My CL teacher says my oral reading very good! Yay", "I have 70 for my CL!!! Got improvement!! Last time I got 57.5. YAYY"

- P4 girl scored 80+ for ENG and SCI and A* effortlessly for MA from an average of 65

- P5 girl scored 85 for Chinese from 65

- P6 girl is happy with her CL result of 83% after 7 lessons
Experience Been a full time tutor since 2011 and did part time teaching since college, amounting more than 5 years of experience. Currently teaching primary and secondary level with students showing good improvement in their respective subjects. Work on weak areas, guide them in how to tackle questions and phrase their answers. Any doubts from the students are usually cleared before lesson ends. If necessary, extra time will be given to complete the lesson before leaving unless another tuition awaits. Hope to generate the interest of a student towards active learning than feeding them with answers. Bilingual, able to explain Chinese concepts in English. A patient, committed and responsible tutor who sincerely wants to help students excel, just like how some wonderful teachers have helped me through my schooling years.

Familiar with MOE syllabus in English, Math, Science, Chinese

How these little ones improved by leaps and bounds never fail to bring much encouragement and satisfaction.

- Playful P3 had tried many tuition centres with little or no improvement but has since been able to do well in test and passing his exams from 15/100 for all subjects. Mom, "He is now able to sit down and complete homework by himself and do well for spelling. Thank you Vivian, I don't know what or how you did it"

- P6 boy scored A* effortlessly for Science from 75 marks after 3 months

- S2 boy scored A1 continuously for Math from 65 marks within 6 months
Commitment I can start ASAP and usually commit till at least the next examination.

Students' commitment shown in their willingness to learn is very important, otherwise even the best will not be good enough for it takes 2. Their attitude determines their altitude.

Activities with us


Vivian Cheong

Assignments 16
Area Level Subjects
N P6 Science
NE P2 English, Maths
E P6 Science
E P2 English, Chinese, Maths, Creative Writing
N P6 Maths, Science
N P5 Chinese
E P6 Chinese
E P6 Maths
NE P3 Chinese, Science
C P3 Chinese, Creative Writing
NE P6 Chinese
NE P5 Maths, Science
NE P6 Maths
NE O1 Maths
S P4 Maths
E P3 Maths
SMS Response 4
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Vivian Cheong

Preferred Area NE
A Level -
O Level Chinese
E Maths
A Maths
Primary English
Higher Chinese
Creative Writing
Music -
Language -
Computer -