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Date Joined 9 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 41 to 50
Rank 85 (Top 7%)
Qualification Rating 3
+ Experience Rating 8
+ Feedback Rating 0.0
= Total Rating 11.0

Qualifications and Experience


Phng Boon Peng

1997 Bachelor (Nanyang Technological University)
Bachelor of Business (Second Class Lower Honours)
1997 Transcript (Nanyang Technological University)
Bachelor of Business (Second Class Lower Honours)
1991 GCE A (Raffles Junior College)
Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, General Paper
1991 Testimonial (Raffles Junior College)
Experience Experienced tutor familiar with the GCE 'A' level Economics and GP syllabi 'O' level English and Math syllabi and PSLE syllabus. Former finance professional prior to becoming a full time tutor. Worked in GIC, Credit Suisse and DBS. Relate well to students and results oriented. I have seen numerous batches of PSLE, O and A level students through their exams with most performing according to their potential due to focused preparation and hard work. In 2013, I had a p5 student from China who was totally unfamiliar with the English language. However, he scored 2 As in the 2013 PSLE English and Science papers, and an A* for Math. The student has since joined the Gifted Programme at ACS and continues to do well. Another student managed an aggregate score of 268 in 2014 and is currently in RGS. I have also tutored less academically inclined students, some of whom fail repeatedly in their school exams, but go on to pass their prelims and Psle with commendable results. Extra effort is made to tailor suitable and holistic tutoring programmes for these students.
Commitment Full time tutor committed to seeing students through their final exams.

Tailor lessons to meet the needs of individual students according to his/her aptitude.

Adjust schedule to accomodate students when necessary.

Being a full time tutor, I am committed to the long term academic development of my students until they are able to learn and grow on their own.

Activities with us


Phng Boon Peng

Assignments 6
Area Level Subjects
- O1 English
- P6 Maths
- P English
- P English
N P5 English
NE P6 English, Creative Writing
SMS Response 0
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Phng Boon Peng

Preferred Area NE,E
A Level General Paper
O Level English
E Maths
A Maths
Social Studies
Primary English
Creative Writing
Music -
Language English
Computer -