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Date Joined 10 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
Rank 44 (Top 4%)
Qualification Rating 6
+ Experience Rating 11
+ Feedback Rating 0.0
= Total Rating 17.0

Qualifications and Experience


Song Jia Hao Jess

2009 GCE A (Hwa Chong Institution)
General Paper (A), H2 Literature (A), H2 History (B), H2 Economics, H3 History (Distinction), H2 Mathematics
2009 GCE A Prelim (Hwa Chong Institution)
H1 Project Work (A), General Paper (B), H2 Mathematics, H2 English Literature (B), H2 Economics (B), H2 History, H3 History
2008 Music (Trinity College London)
Level 4 Associate Diploma in Solo Piano Performance
2007 Integrated Programme (Hwa Chong Institution)
English Language (A1), Higher Chinese Language (A1), Integrated Mathematics (A1), Chemistry (A1), Physics (A1), Literature in English (A1), Humanities Programme (A1)
2007 GCE O (Hwa Chong Institution)
Higher Chinese Language (A1)
2009 SAT (The College Board)
Critical Reading (750), Math (710), Writing (720)
2007 Others (Hwa Chong Institution)
Academic Achievement Award for outstanding result in English Language
2006 Others (Hwa Chong Institution)
Academic Achievement Award for outstanding result in English Language
2007 Others (Hwa Chong Institution)
Outstanding Student Award for outstanding achievements in all fields of endeavour
2007 Testimonial (Hwa Chong Institution)
2006 Others (Hwa Chong Institution)
Certificate of Participation for Creative Arts Seminar
2003 PSLE (Nan Hua Primary School)
English Language (A*), Chinese Language (A*), Mathematics (A*), Science (A*), Higher Chinese Language (Distinction)
2002 Music (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)
Grade 5 Theory of Music
2002 Grade 3 Theory 100/100 2007 Sec 4 Overall Integrated Programme Results English Language 89 A1 Rank 2 Percentile 99% (Obtained 20/20 for Stimulus Response Question in the End-of-Year Exam, similar in demands expected of the Application Question at Junior College level, equivalent to Functional Writing.) Humanities 88 A1 Rank 8 Percentile 98% (Humanities comprises 2 subjects Pure History and Pure Geography.) Chemistry 89 A1 Rank 24 Percentile 95% Higher Chinese 80 A1 Rank 47 Percentile 90% 2008 JC1 GP Result GP(H1) 70.5 A Rank 4 Percentile 99% (These results are extracted from the Hwa Chong School Portal.)
Experience I am a dynamic person that is creative when it comes to teaching methods. I have been involved in peer tutoring for primary and secondary school students. I have periodically helped weaker students in English, helping them edit their essays.

I am deeply passionate in English and Chinese and believe in a four-pronged approach in approaching these.

(1) Research and discussion into examples/articles has to be undertaken for the necessary information to write comprehensive essays. A list of common topics will be provided as a guide. (2) A set of appropriate strategies and answering techniques has to be developed to equip students in approaching comprehension. (3) Critical analysis must be used to determine the student's strengths and weaknesses. I pay attention to detail and will provide extensive corrections and comments for students' essay submissions. (4) The student's command of grammar and vocabulary has to be strengthened gradually. Students are often doubly penalised for poor expression in essays in language and content.

I can comfortably teach Humanities subjects, especially Lit, and up to Sec 4 Chemistry.

I provide piano tuition up to Grade 8.

I have 1 year of formal experience in tuition. I have helped a P6 student improve from B to A for PSLE, and spotted the PSLE composition question correctly. I have tutored a Sec 3 pupil for 1 year to date, with improvements in Literature and History. I have experience tutoring P6, Sec 1-3 and JC students.
Commitment Generally, I am not available from 1-6pm on Saturday and up to 3pm on Sunday.

I will stay beyond the stipulated time period if necessary to provide help to the student (eg. before major tests/exams) without extra charge, as the student's understanding is paramount.

Activities with us


Song Jia Hao Jess

Assignments 9
Area Level Subjects
E O1 English, Chinese
E O2 English, History, Literature
NW P6 English, Creative Writing
W P6 English, Maths
NW P6 English, Science
S A2 General Paper
N A1 General Paper
- O2 English, Literature
C A2 General Paper
SMS Response 0
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Song Jia Hao Jess

Preferred Area W
A Level General Paper
O Level English
Higher Chinese
E Maths
A Maths
Primary English
Higher Chinese
Creative Writing
Music Piano
Language English
Computer -