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Date Joined 10 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 114 (Top 9%)
Qualification Rating 3
+ Experience Rating 6
+ Feedback Rating 0.0
= Total Rating 9.0

Qualifications and Experience


Kat Zhao Cen

2005 GCE A (Hwa Chong Institution)
Mathematics (B), Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Higher Chinese Language (A), General Paper (B4)
2003 GCE O (Nan Hua High School)
English Language (A2), Combined Humanities (A1), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A1), Biology (A2), Higher Chinese Language (A1)
2002 GCE O (Nan Hua High School)
Chinese Language (A1), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
1999 PSLE (Bukit View Primary School)
English Language (A), Chinese Language (A*), Mathematics (A), Science (A)
NTU Bachelor of Fine Arts- Product Design Major

Minor in Entrepreneurship
Experience I have experience teaching English, Chinese, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology up to secondary level. I also have experience teaching English to students from China, and also adult conversational Chinese to foreigners.

Firstly, I believe everyone has the potential to excel academically. It is a matter of time, effort and most importantly, strategy. It is not always about studying hard, but rather, studying smart. However, I strongly urge hard work to be put to building a strong foundation early.

My role, as a tutor, is to supplement and guide the child in his or her studies. He or she should not look up to me as a spoon feeder, that is, the student has to perform independently or set a goal for independent learning and achieve the goal eventually. I would encourage and train my students to develop proper studying habits and systems that would allow them to start feeling in control and be on top of things. Most students that I have encountered are very weak in the subject due to the lack of a strong foundation and proper methods, hence fear and problems build. The students are caught in the vicious cycle of not knowing what was already going on in the past (even from years before) and yet are constantly fed with new information. The worst cases start to develop phobia and shun away from the subject entirely.

In fact, given enough time and effort, all students are able to excel, as long as they adopt a positive attitude and are willing to learn and achieve.
Commitment I can commit as a part-time tutor.

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Kat Zhao Cen

Assignments 4
Area Level Subjects
NW O2 Chinese
- O A Maths
E O2 Physics/Chem
- P5 Chinese
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Kat Zhao Cen

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