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4997. Tan Wan Chin
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Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
Chinese, Maths, Science, Higher Chinese
Secondary/ O level
Chinese, Higher Chinese, Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Chemistry, Science
Junior College/ A level

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Pri 4-6
Sec 1-2
Sec 3
Sec 4

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Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Jul 2007
Occupation Ex-Teacher
Teaching at NE,E
Chai Chee
Bedok Reservoir
Pasir Ris

WanChin says

1) Frequently asked questions

Q) How experienced are you in teaching?

I have taught more than 700 students in school during my 6 years as full time and recent half year as adjunct teacher and 53 students during my 8 years as a full time tutor.

As a school teacher turned full-time tutor, I continue to take pride in conducting my lessons in a professional way and plan and prepare prior to my lessons so that my students can reap the maximum possible benefit from their sessions. A typical tuition session consists of going through the previous lesson's homework, clarifying doubts that they faced in school's work, teaching new concepts and attempting questions together. Reasonable amount of homework is given to students to consolidate the concepts that they have learnt during lesson.

Other than academic support, I also help to build up their confidence in their weak subject and in themselves. As an educator, I strongly believe that having a healthy level of self-confidence and self-discipline are essential for a child to do well in any area.

I keep the intake of my students small so that I will be able to maintain high standard of my lessons and cater to the needs of my individual students. I also keep closely in touch with parents to keep them updated on their child's academic and emotional development. As a parent myself, it is crucial to let my students' parents to have a peace of mind that their child is in good hands of a responsible and caring adult.

Q) Which school are/were your tuition students from?

Primary Schools - Casuarina Pri, Chongzheng Pri, Damai Pri, Edgefield Pri, Elias Park Pri, Geylang Methodist Pri, Gongshang Pri, Meridian Pri, Ngee Ann Pri, PLMGSS (Pri), Poi Ching Sch, Red Swastika Pri, St Hilda's Pri Sch (Both mainstream and GEP)

Secondary Schools - Anglican High Sch, CHIJ Katong Convent, Chung Cheng (Main), Damai Sec, Dunman Sec, Pasir Ris Sec, PLMGSS (Sec), Maris Stella High Sch, NJC (IP), St Hilda's Sec, Tampines Sec, Tanjong Katong Sec, Victoria School

Q) Why do students need to travel to your place for lessons?

- I left MOE mainly due to family commitment. By conducting lessons at my own place, I am able to manage my work and family commitments better. And by eliminating travelling time and cost, my time can be better spend on planning and preparing lessons and I am able to charge my hourly rate at an affordable level. Past and present students also feedback to me that they can think and concentrate better in my classroom as it is quiet, spacious and free from distractions.

Q) Is your place suitable for tuition?

- Definitely. I have an air-con classroom where all my lessons are conducted there. Parents are most welcomed to take a look at my place during the 1st lesson.

Q) Why is there a material fee of $30 collected per subject per annum?

- Besides the usual assessment books (subject to finding suitable ones), my students are given a learning pack which consist of notes, worksheets and schools' test/exam papers (for graduating classes).

The contents from the learning pack are all collated from my collection of teaching resources purchased over the years (a whole cupboard of them) and the material fee is actually used to cover my printing cost. I do not believe in earning profit from material fee.

For other enquires, I would be most glad to clarify via the startutor's coordinator.

2) My Profile

- Offered MOE teaching scholarship in 1999

- 7 years of full time teaching experience in secondary school (2002 to 2007)

- During Semester 1 of this year (2015), I deferred my new intake of students and took up part time teaching in secondary school to sharpen my teaching skills and equip myself with the latest updates / upcoming changes in curriculum/exam syllabus, teaching methods and educational system

- Received 'Most Caring Teacher Award' twice (2004 and 2006) in school

- 8 years of full time tutoring experience (Upper Primary and Secondary) after leaving MOE

- Specialises in Upper Primary and Secondary Level Chinese and Maths (E and A Maths) and Chemistry

Please also read my testimonials from parents and students to find out more about me as an educator.

Thanks for your interest.

Updated on 21 Sept 2016

StarTutor's Review

Tan Wan Chin is a highly experienced and dedicated teacher. Having been teaching full time for 6 years, she understands the needs of her students, as well as the importance of communication between students and herself in order to produce good results. Due to family commitments, Wan Chin stopped being a full-time teacher in May 2007, and went on to be a full-time tutor instead. Being a full-time tutor, she is more able to juggle her time between her family, as well as her students. Wan Chin has been giving private tuition on an ad-hoc basis since her university years.

Wan Chin specializes in teaching Chinese, and also teaches Maths and Science. She has had a total of 6 years experience in teaching Chinese at Secondary School level. She puts in the effort to customize her lesson plans and materials according to the individual needs of her students. For instance, she prepares her own ‘learning packs’ to give out to her students, and these notes are usually more concise and straight to the point, allowing her students to digest the information within faster. She even shared with us some of her very own worksheets that she distributes to her students, and we found them to be very enriching indeed. Most tutors would just purchase assessment books, but in the case of Wan Chin, she firmly believes in customizing every lesson to suit her student’s needs, including the materials.

At every first session with her student, Wan Chin would assess their standard in order to draw up constructive lessons plans that will cater to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. She also makes use of English to aid her in her Chinese lessons as she feels that some of the weaker students are unable to grasp anything if everything was taught in Mandarin. However, she refrains from adopting this technique as she fears that the student might grow to be too dependent on the use of English to learn the Chinese language.

Wan Chin adopts a firm yet reasonable approach when dealing with her students. She lays out the ground rules and expectations at the start of any assignment to prevent any unnecessary conflicts from surfacing in the future. Most importantly, she believes that there must be a mutual understanding between parents and herself when dealing with students, especially when it comes to getting work done properly and on time. Afterall, it’s all for the good of the child!

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Weichao, Shunwei, Gavin), 16th May 2009


"Thank you for teaching us for the past semester. Even though my results are not as good as others, you still help me and coach me. Thank you!" - Lim JM, ex-student of adjunct teaching school (Year 2015)

"Teacher Wan Chin has been very encouraging and plays an important role in instilling confidence and hope to both my daughters whom she tutors for Chinese." - Mrs June Liu, parent of graduated tuition students, Marianne and Danielle (Year 2007 till 2014)

"Wan Chin is easily liked by my children and she is systematic in her approach to teach various subjects enjoyably" - Mrs Jennifer Foo, parent of ex-tuition students Joash and Cheryl (Year 2007-2008)

"She's very organised in the things that she does. Never fail to help her students in any way. She takes the initiative to make her lessons interesting and thus I enjoy her lessons. She is easy to communicate with." - Marianne Liu, ex-tuition student who has graduated in 2009. (Attended tuition from Year 2007 till August 2009. Improved by 2 grades and passed her O level with credit)

"She helps me in my homework and I need help. She is smart and have a kind and patient heart." - Danielle Liu, ex-student who has graduated in 2014. (Attended tuition from Year 2007 till 2014.)

"Ms Tan is the best teacher any student can ever asked for, to do more than what she is requested for. She's a mentor, a friend and a sister whom her students looked up to. I'm glad i have met her during my crucial schooling days and i thank her for motivating us all to go as far as we can." - Serene Thang, ex-student from tutor's teaching school, graduated in 2004, currently also a Star Tutor.

Updated on 31st Dec 2015
2006 Others (Damai Secondary School)
The Caring Teacher Awards
2004 Others (NIE / ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)
The Caring Teacher Awards
2002 Diploma (Nanyang Technological University)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Specialisation in teaching at Secondary School Level)
2001 Bachelor (National University of Singapore)
Bachelor of Arts (Merit)
1999 Others (Ministry of Education)
Ministry of Education Teaching Award
1997 GCE A (Tampines Junior College)
Mathematics (A)
1996 GCE A (Tampines Junior College)
AO Chinese (A1), AO Chinese (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
1995 GCE O (Temasek Secondary School)
Mathematics (A1), Chinese (A1)

Other Qualifications

NIE with Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Sec)
NUS, Chinese Language and Psychology, Bachelor With Merit

Commitment Level

Thank you for your interest!

My schedule is currently full.

Regards (Updated 3rd Jan 2017)

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1 P6 Maths, Science 4 x 2hrs Sat 830-1030am 2 Students $38/hr Submit Request

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Home Tuition

# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
2 05 Nov 07 NE Punggol O4 Chinese, A Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
3 16 Nov 07 E Pasir Ris P1 Chinese 8 x 1.5hrs
4 17 Nov 07 E Siglap P6 English, Maths, Science 4 x 2hrs
5 18 Nov 07 NE Punggol P5 Chinese, Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
6 20 Nov 07 E Old Airport P1 Chinese, Maths 12 x 2hrs
7 24 Mar 09 E Pasir Ris P5 Chinese, Creative Writing 4 x 1.5hrs
8 05 Jul 09 E Pasir Ris P5 Chinese 4 x 2hrs
9 26 Jul 09 E Pasir Ris O1 Chinese 4 x 2hrs
10 07 Oct 09 E Pasir Ris P6 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
11 22 Oct 09 NE Punggol P6 Chinese, Maths, Creative Writing 4 x 2hrs
12 24 Oct 09 E Tampines, Simei O1 Maths, Science 4 x 1.5hrs
13 02 Nov 09 E Bedok, Chai Chee O2 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
14 04 Nov 09 E Kembangan O2 Higher Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
15 14 Nov 09 E Tampines, Simei P6 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
16 20 Oct 10 E Bedok Reservoir O4 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
17 11 Oct 11 E Tampines, Simei O1 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
18 29 Nov 11 E Katong, Joo Chiat P6 Higher Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
19 29 Jun 13 - Siglap P4 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
20 18 May 15 E Pasir Ris P4 Chinese, Maths, Science 4 x 2hrs

Group Tuition

# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
21 03 Nov 11 E Tampines, Simei O2 Science 4 x 1.5hrs