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36888. Choong Jia En

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Teaching level and subjects

Secondary/ O level
Chemistry, Biology, Bio/Chem
Junior College/ A level
Chemistry, Economics

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Gender Female
Age Below 20
Date Joined Jan 2019
Occupation Undergrad
Teaching at NE,S,E,C
Nee Soon

Other Qualifications

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I graduated from Nanyang Girls' High School in 2016 and went through the Integrated Programme, and thus I am familiar with the syllabus. Subsequently, I completed my pre-U studies in Hwa Chong Institution in 2018, and hence I am able to provide relevant knowledge that can be applied in the JC syllabus as well.

I am currently teaching 1 JC2 student for H2 Chem, 2 Sec4 students for Pure Chem and 1 Sec2 student for IP Bio.

I have volunteered with various organisations such as Beyond Social Services and South East CDC, Daughters of Tomorrow to mentor and guide children aged 5-14 in their academics and through enrichment lessons, helping them to further understand different concepts. During these sessions, I have participated in 1 to 1 mentoring as well as group settings.

I believe that it is essential to allow students to thoroughly understand concepts and build a solid foundation, as well as become able to apply these concepts to the real world so that learning can become more enjoyable.

Commitment Level

Will be away from 6-24 June