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36405. Shen Jialu

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Junior College/ A level

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Gender Male
Age 21 to 25
Date Joined Oct 2017
Occupation Part-time Tutor
Teaching at
Nee Soon


I teach JC H2/H1 Chemistry tuition. I work part-time at a well known tuition center that produces a lot of A students eventually for A levels. I am also the setter for some of the papers that the tuition center provides for the students. I also do 1 to 1 home tuition currently. For all the students I teach, there have been improvements. I do have the passion to teach people and seeing them grow and improve. Back in my JC days, I have always been among the top for H2 Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in the cohort. I enjoy teaching my peers and I would often explain the concepts to them in a fun and intriguing manner such that it is not as dry as lectures. I get a sense of satisfaction seeing them slowly having an interest in that subject. By clarifying the doubts they once had, they began to score better for their subsequent tests and gain confidence and that to me, is very fulfilling. Dont worry too much about my experience. I have a collection of resources I had collected back in my JC days. They range from preliminary papers from all Junior Colleges to Cambridge papers dated back to as long as 30 years ago. From there, I managed to sieve out the commonly tested questions. Trust me Cambridge is not very creative at setting new questions. There are just that many question types! For students who want to challenge themselves, I have another collection of bazaar and killer questions set by various Junior Colleges. Some of these questions are very interesting! However, I will