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36197. Kayden Low

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Primary/ PSLE
Maths, Science

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Gender Male
Age 26 to 30
Date Joined Jul 2017
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
Teaching at NW,W,C
Buona Vista
Bt Timah Hill
7 Milestone
Bt Timah
King Albert Park
Jurong East
Jurong West
Boon Lay
Bt Batok
Bt Gombak
Bt Panjang
Choa Chu Kang
Yew Tee
2006 GCE O (Commonwealth Secondary School)
English Language (C6), Combined Humanities (B3), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A2), Science (Phy/Chem) (A1), Food & Nutrition (D7), Chinese Language (B3), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Merit)


Many of my students are fixated over the final answer. They are only interested to know if they get the correct answer which I find it disturbing. Personally, I don't believe in this way of learning which causes them to stop questioning why they do what they do. For math, we as a teacher often think of the best and most effective methods to different types of questions follow by teaching those methods to students. I believe this could be one of the reasons that prevent the students from thinking further. Math is a very interesting subject. Every number in math questions means something. The number is in a way communicating to you something. As a student, we just need to decode it and if we can see beyond the numbers and realise the message behind those numbers, then I would say that he/she has achieved the real understanding in math. Math is really about the understanding of the questions and thinks of a logical way to solve the questions. The way I teach is very simple and I always focus on understanding before giving them some approaches to solve the questions. This has often intrigued the students and I deeply believe that this is the right way to educate students by telling them what they are doing exactly. I always tell my students I am never too concern over the right and wrong answer, instead, I am more interested in how each and every student think, the way they understand the question and how they approach it. I always compliment my students for their interesting wa

Commitment Level

I can start asap but will be on holiday from mid-Dec onwards and will start tutoring again at the beginning of 2018.