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35083. Ng Mo Boey
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Secondary/ O level
Chinese, Higher Chinese
Junior College/ A level

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Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Jan 2016
Occupation Ex-Teacher
Teaching at E
2003 NIE (National Institute of Education)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
2002 Bachelor (National University of Singapore)
Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours
1998 GCE A (Temasek Junior College)
General Paper (B3), Mathematics (A), Higher Chinese Language (A), Higher Chinese Language S Paper (Merit), English Language (C)
1995 GCE O (Anglican High School)
English Language (A2), Literature in English (A2), History (B4), Mathematics (A2), Additional Mathematics (A1), Science (Phy/Chem) (A1), Chinese Language (A1), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)


I am a teacher since 2004, with experience in teaching Chinese and Higher Chinese for Secondary Levels as well as JC level.

I have 12 years of teaching experience and 17 years of tutoring experience. I had been the marker for O levels CL exam and O levels CL oral exam seven times. I am familiar and updated with the syllabus and exam format. I have taught in SAP school, junior college and neighbourhood school and I am able to teach across all levels.

I believe in each student's potential to improve and achieve the best result they deserve.

Chinese language is a difficult subject and I help students by growing their interest through various teaching materials/topics and coaching them the effective methods of tackling exams.

I have relinquished my CCA duties by signing up as a MOE flexi adjunct teacher so that I can devote 100% in teaching and tutoring. My in-school duties are fixed and allow me to conduct tuition.

Group Tuition at 661 Jalan Damai S410661 (3 Available)

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# Level Subjects Sessions Per Month Timing Group Required Rate Action
1 O2 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs Tuesday 4pm to 6pm 3 Students $47/hr Submit Request
2 A Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs Monday 5pm-630pm 3 Students $57/hr Submit Request
3 O3 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs Thursday 4pm to 6pm 3 Students $50/hr Submit Request