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3444. Kenny Cheng
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Secondary/ O level
Chinese, Higher Chinese, Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Physics/Chem

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Gender Male
Age 41 to 50
Date Joined Feb 2007
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
Teaching at
Jln Besar
Scotts Rd
River Valley
Bt Timah
Stevens Rd
Bt Timah
Farrer Rd
Ghim Moh
Bt Timah
Old Turfclub
Bt Timah Hill
7 Milestone
Bt Timah
King Albert Park
Bt Batok
Bt Gombak
Bt Panjang
Choa Chu Kang
Yew Tee

Kenny says

it is difficult to say which is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and reality of tomorrow.

More than 15 years experience in PSLE, O Levels tuition as well as IP program. Entitled by parents as 'Miracle contriver'. I've helped a lot of failing students improve to top positions, even towards attaining scholarships. I am especially good at teaching Maths and Sciences.

StarTutor's Review

Kenny is a jovial and humorous person. Beaming with positivity, he gets to one easily. During our conversation, he puts us at ease with his stories on his student. Besides teaching, he also musically inclined and enjoys playing the electric guitar. He enjoys playing computer games such as Counter-Strike too. With his personality and interests, it is easy for his tutees to communicate and identify with him.

Having experienced the culture and gone through the educational systems in countries such as China, the USA and UK, he is able to extract the best out of these experiences he has amassed and apply it to his teaching. Kenny is very confident in teaching secondary students and his specialty is in helping student who has difficulties in their studies and requires last minute guidance.

To Kenny, teaching is his passion and he gets a joy out of seeing his students come back to him with excellent grades.

- Interviewed by StarTutor on 25 August 2007


To me, Mr Kenny is a second father and a guardian to me. He is someone that I respect so much other than my parents. He is someone that helps me achieve from F9 to A1 in my maths and science study. Three lesson fom mr. kenny is equivalent to two months of an ordinary teacher lessons. He has been with me regardless of the situation whether if it's up or down. Have him is something special to me. I only got one word to describe mar Kenny cheng 'MAGNIFICENT'. Thank you mr. Kenny for being there for me.

- Yu Hanxin (Balestier Hill Secondary School)

Kenny's a great and funny tuition teacher that taught me maths so effectively that I can almost grasp the whole concept immediately! He's really skilled in focusing on the right learning methods for my O levels. Because of the tuition, I improved from a constant fail in both A and E maths to B3 and A2 respectively. And I only started his tuition 2 months before the major exam. Haha, really effective way to teaching!

- Puah Shi Hui (CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl School)

Mr. Kenny Cheng is one of the most aspiring figures in my life. Having being taught by many other tuition teachers before, I find him the most influential and inspiring. As I am not a very academically inclined student, Mr. Kenny Cheng has given me hope and with this confidence, brought me to where I am now. Apart from being an excellent teacher, he is also a valuable peer, one which motivates and can spur you to greater heights. I look up to him not only as my respectable teacher but a role model in life.

- John Koh (Tampines JC)

Kenny is an excellent teacher who is specialised in teaching maths, science, Chinese as well. He is also good in computer programming and music. With his extraordinary patience and clear explanations, I was able to tremendously improve my grades from E8 to A1 in just less than 5 months of tuition.

- Chong LongQuan ( Nan Chiau High School)

Mr. Kenny Cheng is the best tuition teacher in the world. He can teach you a months worth of lesson in just one tuition session with you. I am currently progressing amazingly in my A and E maths because of him, if he is not my tuition teacher, I would be failing for sure. He is not your average tuition teacher, he is also a good friend and brother. He always gives me advice not only on studies but also on my life. He is different from other different teachers, other tuition teachers only just teach and don't care about what happens to you after you step out tuition, Mr. Kenny is always concern about his students and tries to make learning fun with a few occasional jokes, I think that the fact that he became my tuition teacher is the best thing that has ever happen to me.

- Lester Phua (National Swimming Team)

Being from Temasek Academy, my personal work load has been rather heavy over the past two years. Mr Kenny Cheng's tuition has been instrumental in me keeping up with my school work as I do not have time to sit down and slowly work my way through all my work. Mr Kenny Cheng has been teaching me even before I entered the Integrated Programme at Temasek Junior College and I strongly believe his teaching played a significant role in shaping me to become a suitable IP student both academically and characteristically. Therefore I strongly believe that Mr Kenny Cheng can work with students from all academic ability and ages.

- Elstan Leow (Temasek JC)

Mr. Cheng is someone I respect the most other than my parents. He is a kind and responsible man . He has been teaching me for about 2 to 3 years. Question which I do not know how to do, he is someone who can help me. After all the tuition teacher I had, he is the best and I started liking study since after he taught me. His teaching improved my mathematics and mother tongue language from failing badly to getting the highest in class. I sincerely would like to thank him and will not forget his helpfulness and kindness for the rest of my life. Thank Mr. Cheng.

- Yu Hanyong ( Hong Wen Primary School)

Kenny is a wonderful tutor. Although he looks like a strict tutor (size), but after sometime you find that he is a wonderful tutor to get along with. His is unlike several tutors that i had. All the tutors that i had only teach but teach boringly, but not for kenny. He's great, sometimes when you finish your work. you might be lucky to play his psp or just talk bullshit. He is the type of tutor who doesn't go off once time is up but he will stay until help you to solve your problems. No many tutor does this i'm telling you.

- Shaun Tan (Montford Secondary School)

Kenny is a very interest teacher who knows how to build confidence in his students and get them interested in the subject. His methods of teaching stand out from the norm and I feel that he has taught me more in a mere 2 months than some of my previous teachers ever have. I used to hate Chinese but after attending his lessons, I find myself appreciating and enjoying the language more.

- Beatrice Teo (Singapore Chinese Girls School)

Mr. Kenny is not your ordinary tutor. He's also a mentor and a pillar of support. His presence is a gift from god to me. I have been taught by many tutors before but none of them can be compared with Mr. Cheng. He never fails to entertained me with his occasional jokes. He has a very peculiar way of connecting with students. Guiding me not only academically but also in others areas of life such as chasing my dream girl.

- Andrew kuan ( Temasek Polytechnic)

Mr. Kenny is responsible teacher, learning from him is most enriching.He has taught me things in life ,be it responsibility or discipline, I have benefited from it. Apart from that, I have improve much academically as well. And I would recommend every one to be taught by him

- Weilong Christopher ( Anderson Secondary School)

Kenny is my teacher since secondary 3. He is not only juz a tuition teacher to me but also a savior as well as good fren. Ever since he teached me, my results have improved a lot. I must thank him as he helped me get a higher result than I expected during O level. He is the best teacher I have ever seen. He taught me lots of things.Even Those that I cant learn in sch. I will never 4get him.

- Ng Jia Hao ( Ang Mo Kio Secondary School)

Mr. Kenny is the teacher I respect most in my life. From primary 5 to sec 4, around 6 years, I' ve no other tuition teacher other than him. He has brought me to where I am now. Through his guidance I've become better academically and grown to be more responsible. Both a teacher and a peer, he covers all my important subjects and teaches me values in life. I can safely say he is the teacher I respect most in my life.

- Clifford See ( Singapore Polytechnic)

No doubt, Mr. Kenny Cheng is the best of the best...

-Shawn Fang( Presbyterian High School)

Kenny is a very dedicated tutor who is willing t sacrifice his personal time t help his students. Lessons with him were always enjoyable n beneficial. By e end of e 2 yrs, I not only overcame e barrier I had for science but aced in it for Os.

-Lim Zi Hui (St. Andrew's JC)

Mr kenny has taught me for a year. He has helped me improve tremendously from a E8, he has helped me achieved an A1. I always found maths a torment in my life and he has changed my point of view for maths. When i felt distraught about my secondary 2 maths results, he never failed to encourage me and give me the confidence.

-Shannen Tan (Whitley Secondary School)

Kenny is a very friendly and interesting tutor. His lessons are fun and educational and i always look forward to them. He is very knowledgable in math and will always help me when i am unsure of how to solve a problem. For the two years he has been with me, i have consistently been getting A1s. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have fun learning math. He is the best.

- A Gu (Hwa Chong Institution)

2002 Bachelor (University of Sunderland, UK)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Studies with Third Class Honours
1998 Bachelor (University of Southern California)
Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)

Commitment Level

i am start as soon as possible and will be able to teach until you kick me out, i may going for a short trip during chinese new year and x'mas period.

Assignments (18 Taken)

Home Tuition

# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
1 17 May 07 NW Bishan, Thomson Rd O3 E Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
2 17 May 07 NW Bishan, Thomson Rd O3 A Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
3 13 Nov 07 C Tanglin, River Valley O Chemistry 4 x 1.5hrs
4 19 Nov 07 W Clementi O2 E Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
5 02 Jan 08 S Harbourfront, Telok Blangah O1 E Maths, Science 4 x 1.5hrs
6 09 Mar 08 W Jurong West, Lakeside, Boon Lay O4 Chinese, Higher Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
7 15 Aug 08 NW Choa Chu Kang, Yew Tee O4 Physics/Chem 4 x 1.5hrs
8 28 Dec 08 W Jurong West, Lakeside, Boon Lay O3 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
9 08 Jan 09 E Katong, Joo Chiat O1 Maths, Science 8 x 1.5hrs
10 19 Jan 09 N Yishun, Khatib O4 E Maths 4 x 1.5hrs
11 24 Aug 09 C Novena O3 E Maths 4 x 2hrs
12 23 Oct 10 C Bt Timah, Stevens Rd O4 A Maths, Chemistry 4 x 1.5hrs
13 29 Oct 10 NW Bt Batok, Bukit Gombak O3 Physics, Chemistry 8 x 1.5hrs
14 11 Jan 12 NW Choa Chu Kang, Yew Tee O4 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
15 12 Jan 12 NW Choa Chu Kang, Yew Tee O4 E Maths, Physics/Chem 4 x 1.5hrs
16 04 Dec 12 NE Bishan, Thomson Rd O4 Chinese 2 x 1.5hrs
17 07 Jan 13 W Taman Jurong O1 E Maths, Science 4 x 1.5hrs
18 30 Nov 13 NE Bishan, Thomson Rd O1 Maths, E Maths 4 x 2hrs


Date Added Organisation Knowledge Enthusiasm Learning Delivery Effectiveness Overall
12 Jan 2009 1 2 1 1 1 0 1
Testimonial: Kenny practices a unique teaching technique that somehow enables a student to increase his/her self-confidence in learning the subject. Hopefully with continued patience, understanding and imparting of effective learning skills, the student will be able to gain an in-depth grasp of the Chinese language appreciate it and better prepare themselves for their exams. It would be good if Kenny can provide periodical progress reports to keep parents updated as well as enable the student to review and keep track of his/her own improvement/progress made.