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33638. Dexter Thng

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Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Bio/Chem, Social Studies
Junior College/ A level
Maths, Chemistry, Biology

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Gender Male
Age 26 to 30
Date Joined Nov 2014
Occupation Part-time Tutor
Teaching at NE,E,C

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I have been tutoring my friends and classmates since I was in secondary school, particularly in the Sciences and Maths as they are my stronger subjects. My peers would approach me to explain concepts to them which they are unsure of and I would try to rephrase it in a simpler manner such that they comprehend it.

Having done well, I was also chosen to be a peer mentor for my classmates in junior college in H2 Biology and H2 Chemistry. They wound answer practice questions from past year papers and I would then guide them in answering techniques as well as help them in any questions which they do not comprehend.

After graduation, I continued tutoring my juniors in H2 Biology, H2 Chemistry and H2 Mathematics, clearing their doubts up till their A levels ended before their uni started.

Commitment Level

I am able to commit to a year, preferably on the weekends as I will be heading to NUS to pursue a degree in Life Science in the next academic year. I am able to tutor for any duration up till a maximum of 2hrs a week. The tutee is able to whatsapp me any questions they have should it be urgent.

I have done reasonably well in my Maths and Sciences, having consistenly getting A1 and A for my Maths and Sciences in secondary school and junior college respectively. On top of that, I have also attained the top of the cohort for H2 Biology in both my first and second year in Victoria Junior College, as well as being the top 10 in Anglican High School.

To further pursue my knowledge in Biology, I have also taken up H3 Proteomics, a biology subject, in junior college. In addition, I participated in various seminars to learn beyond the textbook such as Science Focus 2011 and Biomolecular Frontiers Symposium 2012.

I was also part of a school innovation project Garden-In-A-Bottle. A group of students, under the guidance of a teacher, organised a workshop to teach the topic of Plant Tissue Culture to the entire JC1 cohort via the use of test tube plants. To take things further, we went on to extend this workshop to secondary school students where we added in O level concepts such as adaptations and the plant transport system with the use of cacti and petonia plants. Some of the shools which participated are Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, Victoria School and St Anth

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# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
1 10 Dec 14 NE Serangoon A2 Biology 4 x 1.5hrs