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30329. Seetoh Yak Hui Hwa

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Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Maths, Science

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Gender Female
Age 41 to 50
Date Joined Jan 2013
Occupation Ex-Teacher
Teaching at NW,W

Other Qualifications

The tutor has declined to show her qualification. Please contact us for it or read the FAQ about this.


I taught in a primary school for more than 12 years before I tendered my resignation. As a primary school teacher, I was trained to teach English, Math and Science. As MOE now encourages TLLM and to infuse critical thinking, my method of teaching has always been two-way communication and interactive.
This is more so now when I am working as a tutor and have been helping out at a tuition centre for more than half a year since my resignation from MOE last May.

Commitment Level

I was and still am a very committed teacher. I truly believe that in order to motivate and engage a child in learning, rapport building and safe environment have to be built up first. Thus, I would make the effort in understanding my pupil's needs and learning style in order to help them with their studies more effectively.
As I am working as a part-time tutor, my only available days now are Mondays and Tuesdays. Arrangements can always be made should the family need to go off for a holiday.