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21179. Shaun Lee
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Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Maths, Science, Creative Writing
Secondary/ O level
English, Maths, Geography, Science, Social Studies
Junior College/ A level
General Paper
Computer Skills
Web Design, Mac, Windows, Office

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Gender Male
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Jun 2010
Occupation Part-time Tutor
Teaching at E
Old Airport
Paya Lebar
Geylang Serai
Joo Chiat
Tanjong Rhu
Chai Chee
Changi South
Changi Coast
Pasir Ris
2013 Diploma (Singapore Polytechnic)
Diploma with Merit in Applied Drama and Psychology
2013 Testimonial (Singapore Polytechnic (Internship))
2009 Testimonial (Singapore Armed Forces)
2009 Others (Singapore Armed Forces)
Certificate of Service
2007 Others (Tampines Junior College)
Distinguished Service Award in recognition of dedicated service to Sailing
2007 Testimonial (Tampines Junior College)
Personal Qualities
2007 Testimonial (Tampines Junior College)
Personal Qualities (Cont'd)
2004 GCE O (St. Hilda's Secondary School)
English Language (B3), Combined Humanities (A1), Mathematics (A2), Additional Mathematics (B3), Physics (A2), Chemistry (B3), Biology (B3)

Other Qualifications

I'm a student-entrepreneur-tutor, juggling my studies with business and my students.

Graduating with a Diploma with Merit in Applied Drama and Psychology, I had done a module on Educational Psychology and will endeavor to utilise what I had learnt (to tweak my teaching style so that each unique student would be able to learn in the best manner possible). I will be happy to share psychology-based memory techniques with the student upon request.

I have experience in tutoring both local and international students and I also used to teach at a Tuition Centre. I specialise in the following subjects.

Upper Primary - English and Science

Lower Secondary - English, Math, Science, Geography and History

Upper Secondary - English, Geography and Social Studies

Junior College - General Paper


2017 students

- Sec 2 Eng/Math/Sci

- Sec 2 Geog

2016 students

- Sec 1 Eng/Math/Sci

2012 students

- Sec 4 Eng

- Sec 4 Chem/Phy/Math

- Sec 3 Math/Sci

- Sec 3 E/M/S/Geog/Hist

- Sec 1 Eng/Geog

- P6 Eng/Sci

- P4 Eng/Sci

2011 students

- Sec 4 Geog/SS

- Sec 3 Eng

- Sec 3 SS

- Sec 2 Math/Sci

- Sec 2 E/M/S/Geog/Hist

- P5 Eng

2010 students (improvements in their grades)

- JC2 (E to B in GP)

- Sec 5 (U to C5 in Geog/SS)

- Sec 4 (E8 to A1 in Geog/SS)

- Sec 2 (F9 to C6 in Math, C6 to B4 Sci)

- Sec 1 (C5 to B3 in Eng, U to C5 in Math, U to A2 in Sci)

- P6 (C to B in Eng and C to A in Sci)

I have extensive experience training and working with young people as a Facilitator with a Training Consultancy Firm and Trainer with an Enrichment Service Provider. I was formerly a top General Paper student and inter-varsity debater.

Commitment Level

At the start of each lesson, I will first quiz the student to gauge his grasp on the topic, and if necessary, revise the key points of the chapter.

Tuition is a close partnership between three parties - the tutor, parent and the student. Therefore, to spur the student academically, I hope that he or she is not forced by the parent to have tuition lessons.

After every lesson, I will update (on startutor's system) the student's progress and grasp of the topic/subjects covered. Whenever possible, I would be most happy to have a face-to-face discussion on the child's progress.

To paraphrase Arthur Combs, although a student may not be motivated to do what he would prefer (eg. excel academically), he can never be said to be completely unmotivated. Bringing them through the process of minor then major academic progress, I endeavour to help my students develop a belief, to the best of their abilities that they "can do it". Working together with the parents, i also seek to share the cost of extrinsic rewards when the student meets the goals set.

Learning should be beyond the academic experience. The role of an educator is extremely important in shaping the learner's psychological and social development, especially when the teen is at an age where he seeks the approval of his peers and inculcates their values as his own. I therefore recognise the unique and important position of the tutor, who can pass on to the student a love and desire for life and learning.

Assignments (4 Taken)

Home Tuition

# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
1 14 Jun 10 E Paya Lebar, Geylang Serai O4 Geography 4 x 1.5hrs
2 24 Jun 11 E Tampines, Simei P5 English 4 x 1.5hrs
3 22 Jul 11 E Kallang, Aljunied, Geylang O4 Geography, Social Studies 4 x 2hrs
4 28 Jul 16 E Pasir Ris O1 English, Maths, Science 4 x 1.5hrs

Group Tuition

# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month


Date Added Organisation Knowledge Enthusiasm Learning Delivery Effectiveness Overall
03 Jul 2010 1 2 1 1 2 1 1