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17872. Maximilian Mayrhofer
(Busy: Not taking assignments)

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Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Maths, Science
Secondary/ O level
English, Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Physics
Junior College/ A level
General Paper, Physics, Economics

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Gender Male
Age 31 to 40
Date Joined Aug 2009
Occupation Undergrad
Teaching at S,W,E,C
2005 GCE A (Temasek Junior College)
Economics (A), Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Physics S Paper (Merit), General Paper (A1)

Other Qualifications

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I have 3 years of experience teaching Mathematics and Physics at a variety of levels, as well as English and General Paper.

My teaching philosophy is that all things can be learned from an understanding of basic concepts. Too many students today simply memorise complex formulas and concepts without understanding how they are derived. As a result, when asked to apply these creatively in exams they do not know how, and their grades suffer. I also believe that learning should be fun, and if you can teach someone to learn for themselves out of a genuine interest, it will be far more beneficial for them in the long run.

In line with my philosopy, my teaching methods involve taking one topic at a time, and breaking it down into it's most basic principles. Once these are understood, we move on to more complicated concepts before engaging in creative questions that challenge the student to apply several concepts together to form a solution. The result is a deep and intuitive understanding of the subject, rather than a shallow knowledge of its formulas.

Commitment Level

I can start ASAP and will be able to tutor for the foreseeable future.