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17738. Lim Fu Kang

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Gender Male
Age 26 to 30
Date Joined Aug 2009
Occupation Teacher
Teaching at
2005 GCE O (Maris Stella High School)
Chinese Language (A1), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
2006 GCE O (Maris Stella High School)
English Language (B4), Combined Humanities (A1), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A1), Chemistry (A1), Biology (A1), Higher Chinese Language (A2)
2007 GCE A (Temasek Junior College)
H1 Project Work (A)
2008 GCE A (Temasek Junior College)
H1 General Paper (D), H1 Geography (A), H2 Mathematics (A), H2 Physics (A), H2 Chemistry (A), H3 Numbers & Matrices (Merit)

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I am currently a trainee teacher in NIE doing a PGDE(JC) course and will be posted to a Junior College as a full time MOE teacher in 2017. With regards to my teaching experience, I have been tutoring IP, secondary school (O levels) and JC (A Levels H1 and H2) Maths and Physics upon graduation from JC and hence have 7 years experience in the tuition industry. Furthermore, I have also went for a 1 year contract teaching experience in Temasek Junior College, teaching JC H1 and H2 Physics from 2015-2016 and also a teaching internship in Tanjong Katong Secondary School for 6 months in 2009 to teach upper secondary Maths and Physics. On top of this, I constantly update myself about the latest syllabus for the subjects that I teach in order to most effectively prepare my students for learning and examinations. I also provide notes and exercises for my students to practice on as homework after every lesson. I am currently tutoring 2 students, 1 JC2 (H2 Maths and Physics) and 1 secondary 4 (A. Maths, E. Maths, Physics) and they both scored As for the subject that I have taught them in their prelims. I also have a track record of getting students to score at least a B and mostly A for their A and O levels. Lastly, I am also a patient teacher who will try my very best using various types of pedagogical methods to explain the concepts across to students of different learning abilities so that they can understand them for application during examinations.

Commitment Level

I can start as long as the timing are suitable. Generally able to have more tuition from april to july.

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# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
1 09 Mar 11 E Katong, Tanjong Rhu O2 Maths, Physics 4 x 2hrs