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15028. Tan Liang Quan

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Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Maths
Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Chemistry, Accounting, Physics/Chem
English, Chinese, Thai

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Gender Male
Age 26 to 30
Date Joined Feb 2009
Occupation Fulltime Tutor
Teaching at NW,S,W,C
2006 Testimonial (Hwa Chong Institution)
CCA Testimonial
2006 GCE A (Hwa Chong Institution)
2006 Testimonial (Hwa Chong Institution)
2002 Others (The Japan Foundation)
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 4
2004 GCE O (The Chinese High School)

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My name is Liang Quan and I am a fourth year student studying Accountancy in NUS Business School. I am pursuing a master degree in Public Policy concurrently as well.

For primary school students, I would use suitable assessment books in my lessons (including those which the parents might have already purchased). I would also inspect the homework of the students to see if they have done it correctly and also to see which areas they are weak. I make it a point to understand more about the student's progress in school from the parents so that the tuition can be improved.

For secondary school and JC students, I revise relevant topics by drawing concept maps (if applicable) and then use existing assisting tools (such as assessment books, TYS, school practice papers) to practice. I also prepare notes and exercises if required.

For all the students regardless of their education level, I make it a point in revising the school exercises, tests and exams with the students and update the progress of the student with the parents regularly.

I have 3 years experience tutoring at least 30 students, ranging from primary 1 to JC1 students covering various subjects on English, Maths, Chinese and Science. My primary interest is on Maths and English.

For the students, their results have improved after the tuition. Most of the primary school students for example scored 50 plus marks or sometimes below the passing grade. After the tuition, they have improved their scores to at

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I am currently available for the whole week

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Home Tuition

# Date Area District Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
1 24 Jun 09 W Clementi P5 Maths 8 x 2hrs
2 06 Sep 09 W Clementi P5 Maths 3 x 1hrs
3 01 Oct 09 C Bt Merah, Redhill, Alexandra P3 English, Maths, Science 4 x 2hrs
4 15 Jun 11 C Bt Merah, Redhill, Alexandra P1 English, Maths 8 x 1.5hrs
5 16 Oct 11 C Tanglin, River Valley L Spanish 4 x 1.5hrs
6 01 Mar 12 C Outram, Tiong Bahru A1 Economics 4 x 2hrs
7 07 Apr 12 NW Bt Panjang P5 Chinese 4 x 1.5hrs
8 20 Apr 12 W Holland, Ghim Moh O4 A Maths 8 x 2hrs
9 22 Apr 12 W Holland, Ghim Moh O3 Accounting 4 x 1.5hrs
10 09 Jul 12 NW Bt Panjang O4 Chemistry 4 x 1hrs
11 26 Dec 12 C Bt Merah, Redhill, Alexandra A1 Economics 4 x 2hrs
12 05 Feb 14 C Queenstown, Commonwealth P1 English 4 x 1.5hrs
13 12 May 16 W Hillview P6 Maths 8 x 1.5hrs
14 12 May 16 W Hillview P4 Maths 4 x 1.5hrs

Tuition Centre

# Date Area Centre Level Subjects Sessions Per Month
15 24 Apr 12 C - O4 English 4 x 3hrs